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how to draw moby dick using fun patterns and shapes

How to Draw Moby Dick

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw Moby Dick using simple tips and techniques. I will show you how to sketch this iconic character using basic shapes in just a few minutes. Then, you can add more effects inside the illustration if you want to. This tutorial can be made with a vector application.

Of course, you can also draw the subject using paint, pencils or any other materials you can think of. Moby Dick is an 1851 novel written by Herman Melville. Strangely, this remarkable book was a commercial failure when it was originally published.

creating the subject using basic shapes

First, you need to add a few basic shapes to create the structure of the animal. This one is represented by a mix of irregular rectangles and triangles. Two blue lines were also added to help you understand the posture of the body and the jaw of the creature. The forehead must be large and thick.

How to Draw Moby Dick

Next, let's work on the silhouette of this cartoon Moby Dick using long curved lines. Shapes drawn in the previous step are now colored in gray to help you see all new elements more easily. The creature is created with an open mouth, two fins near the bottom and large flukes. Two small bumps are also added on top of the cartoon whale.

How to Draw Moby Dick

Let's add a few details to complete the drawing aspect of this lesson. First, you can draw the eye and the pupil of the monster using perfect circles. The blow hole is made from an oval shape with sharp edges. Several small teeth are created inside the mouth of the character using tiny triangles.

How to Draw Moby Dick

Moby Dick is filled with simple gradients. The body is colored in gray. As you can see below, the top area is slightly brighter while the bottom is darker. The same technique is used for the blow hole and the mouth. You can also use gradients inside all teeth.

How to Draw Moby Dick

creating a basic texture

Some illustrations can be filled with tons of textures to help create the desired effect. In this case, only a few lines can be drawn inside the body. Since this is a cartoon Moby Dick (and not a realistic version of this iconic character), then we don't need to add complex textures.

How to Draw Moby Dick

creating cool effects like shadows and highlights

Adding simple shadows to this image can definitely help create more contrast (and make the drawing more appealing). These new additions can be colored in black. However, since our goal is to create subtle shadows, it's also important to apply transparency (or if you prefer, play with the opacity of the new shapes).

Shadows can be added around the eye, below the blow hole and on the flukes. More shadows are added on the bottom of the body as well as inside the bump found on top of this cartoon Moby Dick.

How to Draw Moby Dick

Great! This lesson on how to draw Moby Dick is almost completed. This time, let's add reflections on the character to add even more volume to the picture. New elements must be colored in white. Once again, it's a good idea to play with the opacity of the new shapes. You can draw highlights on the forehead, the fin and inside the pupil.

How to Draw Moby Dick

Nice work learning how to draw Moby Dick

Good job! Now that all effects are added to the character, you can see the final version below. Don't hesitate to try new postures, add more effects or create original textures. You can experiment a lot using all tips you have learned throughout this tutorial. As long as you are practicing on a daily basis, you will be fine!

How to Draw Moby Dick
How to Draw Moby Dick

Now that this lesson on how to draw Moby Dick is over, don't hesitate to learn how to draw more famous cartoon characters from the same series below. Give it a try! ;)

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