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how to draw mermaids using adorable lessons

How To Draw Mermaids Using Adorable Lessons

In this short series, you will learn how to draw mermaids using three fun lessons featuring cute cartoon characters. These tutorials can all be done using basic shapes, lines and colors. The first example consists of a simple mermaid made mostly from curved lines. The second one is drawn using a more complex posture. Finally, the third character is filled with a few more details.

Mermaids are fun aquatic creature with the tail of a fish and the upper body of a female. Although these adorable characters have a delicate and fragile appearance, they are often associated with numerous disasters. Yes, a male version called a merman also exists. Somehow, this version is less popular than the female one. Let's see how we can draw our subject using all lessons found below.

drawing a simple mermaid using curved lines

You can start this lesson on how to draw a mermaid by drawing a large oval shape to represent the head. Make sure the top is slightly rounder. Next, sketch a rectangle to form the body. Around the head, draw long curved lines to create a nice haircut. Some hair are used to hide the chest. The eyes and the pupils are made from large circles.

The tail is also done using perfect circular lines. Arms are sketched near the body while the character doesn't have fingers. The nose and the mouth are made from simple lines. Inside the eyes, you can draw small dots to form reflections. Just add plain colors and you are done for this lesson.

How To Draw Mermaids

Trying a different posture on the subject

This next cartoon mermaid is featuring a character sitting with both arms lying on its knees. You can begin by drawing the head using an oval shape. The body, arms and tail are created using mostly rectangles and two triangles. Only the knee and the hand are represented by oval shapes. Next, polish the silhouette of the character using soft lines.

Notice how the tail is large and proportions are nicely applied. Work inside the head by drawing two simple eyes made from circles. Pupils are done using dots. You can also add textures on the tail. Add colors are we are done. Cool! These series on how to draw mermaids is progressing nicely! 

How To Draw Mermaids

how to draw mermaids filled with more details

This last example consists of a fun mermaid clipart also made from basic shapes. Just like previous lessons, you can start by adding a few basic shapes to form a template. It's the best time to work on proportions and the posture. Add a large shape to form the head and two small circles to represent the bra.

Once you are done sketching the template, you can draw the mermaid using simple irregular lines. Eyes are made from dots and the mouth from a long curved line. Arms are created from short straight lines. Notice how hands are only done with more simple lines (and no fingers are shown). You can also draw a few lines inside the tail to create basic textures. Add colors and you are done with this cute mermaid!

How To Draw Mermaids

Hopefully, learning how to draw mermaids was a fun experience using all three tutorials above. You can now use all the tips and techniques you have learned so far to create more characters using new postures, new details and more textures. Have fun drawing and don't forget that more fun lessons from the same collection are available here. :)

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