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How to Draw Merlin Using a Magical Touch

How To Draw Merlin Using A Magical Touch

Learning how to draw Merlin can easily be done using this simple step-by-step lesson. You can use your own magical touch by adding bright colors and a fun posture to the character. I will also show you how to sketch simple shadows using plain colors on the subject. All these details will help create a lovely version of Merlin.

If you are not familiar with the character, then you should know that Merlin is a wizard featured in the legend of King Arthur. Many versions of this character were created throughout the years, but this tutorial is featuring a version of my own. I hope you will enjoy this one. Let's start this lesson now. :)

creating a template to work on the proportions and the posture

First, let's draw a few basic shapes to help us locate the subject in the work space. It's also a good opportunity to polish the posture of Merlin. Getting all proportions right is also mandatory.

Start by drawing a circle to form the head. Above this one, sketch a few irregular shapes to illustrate the hat. Two triangles can be drawn on both sides of the head to form the bottom part of the hat. Complete this step by sketching a long pointed triangle to create the beard.

How To Draw Merlin Using A Magical Touch

adding more shapes to represent the bottom part of the body

You can now sketch more irregular shapes to form the bottom part of the body. As you can see below, the right arm is drawn near the body while the left one is up in the air. The left hand is holding a long magical stick. For the body, make sure that the area near the waist is narrower. The shoulders and the part near the feet can be wider.

How To Draw Merlin Using A Magical Touch

sketching the silhouette of our cartoon Merlin

Now that all basic shapes are created, it's time to draw Merlin using a mix of long and short pointed lines. You can start by drawing the head, the hat and the long beard. This one is made from several small lines.

The outfit is created from long pointed lines too. A simple belt is drawn around the waist. Finally, don't forget to sketch the left hand holding the magical stick. Once you are done drawing the character, you can erase all basic shapes created earlier.

How To Draw Merlin Using A Magical Touch

working inside the head to create a lovely face

Under the hat, you can draw two large circles to illustrate the eyes. Pupils are made from smaller shapes. The nose is represented by a short curved line. A mustache is added using four simple curved lines. Great work! This lesson on how to draw Merlin is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Merlin Using A Magical Touch

adding more details to complete the illustration

Inside the character, you can draw more short lines to complete this illustration. First, sketch a few lines inside the belt to form texture. Next, draw long curved lines inside the outfit to create a more realistic result. Excellent! We are done sketching this cartoon Merlin. It's time to add some colors!

How To Draw Merlin Using A Magical Touch

let's bring our subject to life using basic colors

Once you are done drawing Merlin, you can add plain colors to the character. The hat, the stick and the belt can be colored in brown. The beard and the mustache are gray. The outfit is purple and the pupils are blue. We can do one more thing to enhance this cartoon character ...

How To Draw Merlin Using A Magical Touch

drawing shadows to create more depth and volume

If you want to create more depth inside this illustration, you can sketch simple shadows in some areas. For this lesson, draw plain shapes (filled with darker colors) on both sides of the hat and on the forehead. More shadows can be sketched on the beard, the left hand and the magical stick.

How To Draw Merlin Using A Magical Touch

a few more shadows can be drawn and we are done

In this step, you can draw a few additional shadows on the outfit. One large shape is create on the left side of the beard. Other shadows are created in darker areas. You can see all new additions below (surrounded by a temporary pink outline).

How To Draw Merlin Using A Magical Touch

Nice work learning how to draw merlin

Congratulations! We are done sketching this simple version of Merlin. Now that you are more familiar with the character, don't hesitate to create your own version. You can modify the posture, the proportions, add more details or even sketch realistic textures.

How To Draw Merlin Using A Magical Touch

All steps needed to learn how to draw Merlin can be found in the illustration below. Feel free to study this image carefully if you need more insights.

How To Draw Merlin Using A Magical Touch

Now that we are done drawing this fun cartoon Merlin, you are invited to try more famous characters from this series here. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice often! :)

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