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how to draw kittens using a few adorable examples

How To Draw Kittens Using A Few Adorable Examples

Having trouble learning how to draw kittens using basic shapes and lines? Good news! This series is filled with several fun animals that you can learn to draw in just a few basic steps. You will have the opportunity to work on basic images made from circles and rectangles as well as complex characters done using fun effects. People of all drawing abilities can enjoy these adorable tutorials!

Kittens are quite popular in modern culture. In fact, the rise of social media sites certainly contributed to the success of this phenomenon. Indeed, cats are everywhere! From short movies to memes, no doubt that this beloved animal is here to stay. Ready to draw? Great! Let's start with the first lesson below.

Let's start with a basic character made from a rectangle

Our first illustration is featuring a basic kitten clipart made from a single rectangle. On top of the shape, you can sketch two short ears made from triangles. Eyes are made from large circles that are slightly cropped on both sides. You can draw a short tail using small curved lines.

The nose is made from a tiny triangle while the mouth and the whiskers from curved lines. The arms and legs are done using only more short lines. Don't forget to apply a simple pattern on the chest of the creature. Just add plain colors and you are done with this simple lesson.

How To Draw Kittens

Drawing another kitten using circles

This next lesson on how to draw a kitten consists of a basic character made from circular shapes. First, draw a large head using an oval shape. The body is made from a short rectangle. On the bottom of the character, you can draw all four legs using tiny curved lines.

Ears are made from perfect triangles and the eyes using circles. Another perfect triangle is used to represent the nose. Once you are done, you can add patches inside the ears and reflections on the pupils. This cute animal is mostly filled with some brown colors.

How To Draw Kittens

Working with a more realistic cartoon kitten

So far, both characters were made using basic shapes and lines. This cartoon kitten is created using more details and hair. As you can see in the first step, a circle was made to form the head, Around this shape, you can draw the ears, the cheeks and the facial features.

Don't forget to draw hair on the cheeks and whiskers close to the nose. A large patch is also created on the chest. The tail is long and made from perfect curved lines. Once again, just add plain colors to complete this simple lesson. Great! This series on how to draw kittens is progressing nicely!

How To Draw Kittens

Another fun character made from basic shapes

This fourth tutorial is featuring an illustration of a kitten mostly made from basic shapes. First, create a template using a mix of triangles, circles and rectangles. Then, refine the silhouette using curved lines. Once the body of the cat is completed, draw the eyes, the nose and the mouth.

In the fourth step, you can add more details inside the animal. First, sketch patches inside the ears. Another huge patch can be added on the chest. Tiny lines are added inside all four legs. Complete this tutorial with the addition of colors inside the character. This one is mostly blue.

How To Draw Kittens

how to draw kittens using cool effects

Until now, we have learned how to draw kittens that were simple and often filled with plain colors. This next lesson will show you to draw kitten drawings using complex effects. You won't find a step-by-step process to illustrate the character since this tutorial is focusing on the creation of shadows and reflections.

First, you can see how to character was drawn using the second step. Then, proceed with the fourth step (the addition of gradients). Step number five and six are dedicated to the creation of shadows. Finally, the last three steps show how to create highlights using saturated white shapes that must be partially transparent.

How To Draw Kittens

A cool black cat to conclude this fun series

The last subject is also filled with cool digital effects. Once again, this is not a lesson on how to draw a kitten, but rather an exercise to help you create fun effects. The anatomy of this creature is very appealing. Ears are very large, just like the head and the eyes. The pupils are also made from oval shapes instead of dots.

Legs are tiny while the tail is large and smooth. Step four is dedicated to the addition of shadows while step five shows you how to create reflections. This animal is filled with gray colors. Only the eyes (green) and the nose (pink) are filled with different colors.

How To Draw Kittens

Learning how to draw kittens can be a fun experience even if you don't have the drawing abilities to create complex characters. Simply remember that kittens are just young cats, so all you need to do to succeed is sketch exaggerated features. The ears, the eyes and the head must be larger while the body and legs can be smaller. Had fun working with these lessons? Cool! Feel free to try more tutorials from the same collection here.

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