how to draw king kong

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw King Kong using simple shapes, lines and effects. This iconic monster was made popular in a movie that was released in 1933. No one could forget that memorable scene on top of the Empire State Building with airplanes flying all around this giant monkey. Special effects were pretty basic back then, but this scene remains a classic even today. Let's see how we can create a simple cartoon King Kong using a few useful tips ...

How To Draw King Kong

using basic shapes to begin with

First, let's draw a simple template made from rectangles and oval shapes. For this step, your goal is to work on proportions and the posture of the character. The beast must be created with a large head and short legs. Don't forget to draw large shoulders and a smaller waist.

How To Draw King Kong

Using the shapes created in the previous step, you can now start sketching the character. The silhouette of the create is mainly done using short curved lines. Hands and feet are made from thick and large shapes. Once you are finished, you can erase all basic shapes colored in gray.

How To Draw King Kong

It's now time the draw the facial features. Eyes are made from small curved lines. The nose is done using a small curved line. The jaw is also made from more curved lines. A simple patch is added all around the face. You can also draw ears using short lines.

How To Draw King Kong

In the middle of the chest, you can draw a patch using more short curved lines. Notice how the patch is larger near the top and much narrower on the bottom.

How To Draw King Kong

Adding colors is a must if you want to end up with an appealing illustration. In this case, King Kong is mostly filled with a variety of gray colors. Patches inside the head and on the chest are filled with a light gray color. The rest of the character can be darker. The eyes are white and pupils are dark.

How To Draw King Kong

Adding darker areas near the hands and feet

Plain colors are nice, but we need to create more depth to increase the level of realism of this illustration. In this case, new darker shapes are added above the hands and the feet.

These new additions are also partially transparent on top. Our goal is to make sure that all new shapes are blending perfectly into the character. You can see all new elements below (surrounded by a temporary pink outline). Great work! This lesson on how to draw King Kong is almost over.

How To Draw King Kong

More simple shadows can be added inside our cartoon version of this great monster. First, you can sketch patches below the eyes. Next, nostrils are created using small oval shapes. You can also use oval shapes to draw nipples inside the large patch located on the chest. Finally, a few simple lines are drawn on the bottom of the same patch. Make sure that all these new additions are also partially transparent.

How To Draw King Kong

adding more contrast using brighter shapes

One final thing we can do to create more volume inside the illustration is drawn bright shapes. These new additions must be colored in white. Once again, adding transparency is crucial since our goal is to create subtle shapes. You can draw reflections inside all patches and above the jaw.

How To Draw King Kong

Nice work learning how to draw king kong

I hope you had fun learning how to draw King Kong using all these simple tips and techniques. Don't hesitate to create more versions using different patterns, colors and postures. It's a challenging character to play with, but also a rewarding one once you are able to nail it right. Drawing the character using various backgrounds can be a good exercise too!

How To Draw King Kong

Below, you can see all steps required to draw this creature grouped inside a single file. Now that we are finished with this cartoon King Kong, feel free to try more famous cartoon characters from the same series here. Enjoy! :)

How To Draw King Kong

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