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how to draw jupiter filled with cool stripes

How to draw Jupiter

Learning how to draw Jupiter might seem like an ... enormous task! Fortunately, you don't need to draw every little detail to end up with a satisfying result. In this lesson, I will show you how to create a basic version of this planet using mostly simple shapes and colors. Ready for this fun trip on cartoon Jupiter? Great! Let's proceed with the first step now ...

Working on the silhouette and a huge storm

First, draw a large (and perfect) circular shape to form the silhouette of the planet. Then, you can add two irregular lines near the bottom of the illustration. Inside the stripe, sketch a small oval shape with a sharp end. This shape represents the huge storm that can be seen on Jupiter. No doubt that this element is the most recognizable feature from this planet.

How to draw Jupiter

drawing more stripes

For this second step, all you need to do is draw more stripes inside the image. Simply make sure that these lines are slightly curved towards the bottom of the drawing near the middle. This is a spherical object so we need to create this illusion using all new lines.

How to draw Jupiter

playing with gradients

It's now time to add colors inside our cartoon Jupiter. You can use colors like brown, orange and yellow. It's also a good idea to use gradients to create a little bit more volume inside this picture. Make sure that the storm is darker than the rest of the illustration.

How to draw Jupiter

adding a single shadow

In this step, let's draw a shadow to give more volume to our planet. This new shape must be filled with a dark color and also be partially transparent. The upper part of the shadow must be partially visible while the lower part can be more opaque.

This new shadow is added on the left side of Jupiter. Make sure both lines used to illustrate this shape are perfect and pointed on both ends.

How to draw Jupiter

creating a simple reflection to complete this lesson

Duplicate the circle used to form the silhouette of the planet and slightly reduce the size of the new shape. Color this circle in white and add transparency on the bottom. Only the top part (near the right) must be visible.

How to draw Jupiter

Nice work learning how to draw jupiter

I hope you had fun learning how to draw Jupiter. Don't hesitate to create more versions of this planet using different patterns, colors and textures. Increasing the level of details is another interesting alternative, but it will be more time-consuming.

How to draw Jupiter

Below you can see all steps needed to draw Jupiter grouped into a single illustration.

How to draw Jupiter

Now that we are done with the huge planet, why not try more fun images from this site? Have fun with these additional resources and don't forget to practice on a daily basis if you want to improve your abilities quickly and easily. :)

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