how to draw insects

Do you want to learn how to draw insects that are cute and easy to illustrate? Great! This lesson is filled with three simple cartoon characters that are drawn using simple shapes and lines. I will show you how to create a lovely bee, a simple caterpillar and an adorable snail. All these lessons are based on a similar template that is easy to duplicate. Ready? Let's start with this cute cartoon bee.

How to draw insects

how to draw a cute cartoon bee

First, let's draw a cute cartoon bee in just four easy step. You can start with the body and the head that are made from squares with round corners. Notice that no lines are visible between the head and the body. Next, you can draw four cute wings made from oval shapes.

Antennas are create from short pointed lines. You can add two small dots to form the eyes and a long curved line to illustrate the mouth. Stripes are made from short rectangles and the feet from curved lines.

How to draw insects

Drawing a nice caterpillar

Another cute insect that we can try is the adorable cartoon caterpillar below. First, draw the body and the head using a similar shape as the one used in the previous lesson. Then, add eight simple legs around the body using several short lines. Antennas are made from small oval shapes and the eyes from tiny dots.

You can sketch a short curved lines to form the mouth and add patterns on the body of the insect. These patterns are mostly made from small circles and a long oval shape. Adding colors is not mandatory, but it's always nice to play with a colorful insect rather than a simple black and white version.

How to draw insects

A cute cartoon snail to conclude this lesson

Below you can learn how to create a nice cartoon snail in just four easy step. Once again, the head and the body are made from squares with soft corners. The tail is done using a long triangle with a round end. Antennas and the mouth are created with curved lines. 

Eyes are made using small dots and a pattern involving a few short lines is created inside the body of the cartoon insect. A few brown colors are added to complete this tutorial.

How to draw insects

time to learn how to draw insects that are more challenging

I hope you had fun learning how to draw insects like the ones found on this page. More lessons like these ones can be found here. Don't hesitate to try different patterns, colors and shapes. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice as often as possible.

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