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how to draw horses and donkeys

How to draw horses and donkeys

Learn how to draw horses and donkeys using these simple step-by-step lessons perfect for beginners! Indeed, I will show you how to draw a cute horse, a colorful pony and a stubborn donkey (well ... no. Just a fun donkey). All these cartoon animals are created using a similar template that can be used to sketch all the animals you love. Let's start these lessons by working on the character found above ... 

A nice cartoon horse made from basic shapes

First, sketch the head and body of the cartoon horse using long curved lines. Ears are made from simple oval shapes. Next, draw the mane using a wide variety of small triangles. Eyes and the nose are made from simple dots. The mouth and patch around the jaw are created using lines.

You can proceed with the creation of the legs and the hooves using more curved lines. Don't forget to draw the tail. A selection of brown colors are added inside the cartoon animal.

How to draw horses and donkeys

a cute pink pony ready to bring some joy

You can start drawing this cute pony by working on the body using the same technique as the one used for the horse. Ears are also made from small oval shapes. The mane is illustrated with long curved lines and oval shapes. Dots are needed for the nose and eyes.

Lines are used to create the patch around the mouth. Don't forget to draw the legs, the hooves and the tail using short curved lines. This cartoon character is filled with beautiful pink colors. Great work! Only one cartoon character remaining! ;)

How to draw horses and donkeys

let's draw a fun cartoon donkey in just a few easy steps

This cute cartoon donkey is quite similar to the horse drawn previously. Here are the main differences. First, ears are larger and made from triangles. The mane is only located on top of the head and made from small triangles. Finally, instead of adding a few brown colors to complete this lesson, you need to use a wide variety of gray colors. Good work! ;)

How to draw horses and donkeys

Now you know how to draw horses and donkeys quickly and easily

Learning how to draw horses and donkeys was a fun experience and yes, there are more characters from this series that can be drawn. Enjoy fun birds, dogs, cats as well as a cool collection of farm and wild animals that everyone will enjoy. Don't forget to practice as often as possible. That's the best tip to get better at drawing quickly and effectively.

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