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how to draw hamsters using a few fun examples

How To Draw Hamsters Using A Few Fun Examples

All lessons on how to draw hamsters found on this page are featuring cute characters done using basic elements. One of them is also displayed on a side view to help you sketch this animal from various angles. Finally, the last subject is done using more details so that you can learn more about its anatomy. You will also learn to draw the character using only a rectangle or multiple circular shapes.

These fun little rodents are quite popular as pets. The Syrian hamster is probably the most popular one, but more species are also available. Surprisingly, these short animals were not domesticated until the 30s. Hamsters have a very short tail, tiny legs, a large body and furry ears. Ready? Let's proceed with the first lesson from this series now.

Sketching our first hamster using a large rectangle

You can start this lesson featuring a basic hamster clipart by adding a large rectangle to form the body. On top of the head, draw two small ears made from curved lines. Eyes are done using large circles. You can also sketch cheeks using more lines. Create the mouth using a long curved line.

The nose and the patch around the mouth are represented by oval shapes. Two small teeth made from squares are also sketched. Arms and legs are done using thick lines and patches are created inside the ears and chest. Simply add plain colors inside the character and you are done with our first subject.

How To Draw Hamsters

This time, let's use circular shapes

Our next lesson on how to draw a hamster consists of an animal mostly made from circles. Only the body is done using a thin rectangle. Work on the legs and arms using short curved lines. Ears are made from triangles with round edges. Don't forget to draw large eyes and pupils using perfect circles.

The nose of the character is drawn using an oval shape and the mouth with a curved line. A single tooth is created below the mouth. Simple details like reflection inside the eyes and patches on the ears are also sketched. Once again, just add plain colors to complete this tutorial. Nice work! These lessons on how to draw hamsters are progressing nicely.

How To Draw Hamsters

One cute hamster drawn from a side view

So far, both characters were viewed from the front. In this lesson, you can draw a cartoon hamster using a basic side view. More details are added inside the subject. The posture is also more challenging to get right. It's still an accessible tutorial, so let's see how we can complete this one.

Draw the head and body using large oval shapes. The ears, the eyes and the feet are made from smaller circles. Tiny rectangles are used for both legs. Work on the silhouette of the hamster and made sure the head is pointed near the mouth. You can create patches around the mouth, inside the ears and on the chest of the character. 

How To Draw Hamsters

How to draw hamsters using a more realistic approach

The template use to create this illustration of a hamster is also made from several basic shapes. However, the final image is filled with more details and a more realistic posture. As you can see below, the animal is built using large circles and small rectangles.

These shapes are then used to work on a silhouette made from long curved lines. While drawing the shape of the character, you can also create hair on top of the head, near the cheeks and on both sides of the legs. Eyes and pupils are made from small circles. The nose and the mouth are done using short curved lines. Add patches and colors inside the creature to complete this final lesson.

How To Draw Hamsters

Learning how to draw hamsters can be done using a wide variety of techniques. You can use basic shapes like rectangles or try smoother alternatives like circles. This animal can be done using a side view or a front one. You can also select the level of details you want to add to your illustration.

Finally, the posture can also be a fun challenge to try. The subject can be standing, moving, walking, climbing or any other position you can think of. Have fun sketching more cool hamsters and remember that more animals from the same series are available here. :)

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