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how to draw ghosts made from basic shapes and effects

How To Draw Ghosts Made From Basic Shapes And Effects

It can be fun to learn how to draw ghosts using simple lessons featuring cute characters. If you're not sure about the last statement, then you should keep on reading! Indeed, you will have the chance to work with various characters made from basic shapes, lines and simple effects. Ghosts can have various appearances and that's the purpose of this series: give you the opportunity to try some of them!

Ghosts and entities have been around for a long time. Several people think that somehow, we can come back from the dead assuming various shapes. These souls from the dead can appear to the living. That's a scary thing if you live alone and don't like being disturb. It's also the subject of quite a few horror movies. Let's see how we can sketch dead people using a few fun examples.

Drawing a first version made from a single rectangle

Let's start our journey with the creation of a basic ghost clipart made from a single rectangle. Both arms are added using long curved lines. Near the bottom of the character, you can use multiple lines to create the piece of clothing.

Large eyes made from perfect circles are added inside the head. Pupils are also made from smaller circles. Draw one last circular shape to illustrate the mouth of the character. This one is filled with subtle colors like gray and black.

How To Draw Ghosts

Using round shapes to illustrate another version

Next, we can learn how to draw a ghost using mostly round and circular shapes. You can start by adding the head using an irregular circle. The body is made from long lines. Notice the small triangles near the bottom of the entity.

Arms are represented by triangles and eyes are done using oval shapes. Sketch a small mouth and add gray colors to the illustration. It's also fun to see that the final image is not done using strokes and outlines. That's why it's important to add a darker color inside the arms and around the neck.

How To Draw Ghosts

how to draw ghosts using transparency

We all know that a cartoon ghost should be transparent to feel realistic. After all, entities don't have a physical body. They are just spirits. That's the effect that we are trying to achieve in this simple step-by-step lesson. First, you can draw the character using a small oval shape and a large triangle.

Then, work on the silhouette using irregular curved lines. The eyes and the mouth are also done using weird shapes. Once you are finished, add gradients inside the illustration. Then, make sure the bottom part of the monster is partially hidden. Great! This series on how to draw ghosts is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Ghosts

Another fun character filled with cool effects

Our next ghost drawing is also created using long curved lines. Eyes are made from perfect circles and the mouth is wide open. Unlike previous lessons, this character is filled with blue colors. You can use gradients to create depth inside the image. In the fifth step, strong shadows are sketch inside the ghost.

Don't forget to apply transparency to end up with something more subtle. Highlights are also added in the seventh step. These bright shapes are crucial to increase the level of contrast. In the final step, the character is surrounded by a subtle halo and the body is also partially transparent.

How To Draw Ghosts

How about drawing a real man?

A ghost cartoon is not just a piece of clothing, it can also be a simple man! In this tutorial, let's draw a ghost that looks like a man filled with weird colors. The character is done using a large circular shape for the head. The body is shorter and both arms are wide open. Only four fingers were created on each hand.

Once the drawing aspect of this lesson is completed, you can add gradients. A few subtle shadows are also sketched on the left side of the entity. Simply play with the opacity of the image and you are done! Now you know how to draw ghosts without using basic pieces of clothing. :)

How To Draw Ghosts

This fun ghost is featuring a more interesting posture

Let's learn how to draw a ghost using a more frightening posture. After all, these creatures are supposed to be scary so it can be a good idea to draw the posture accordingly. You can start by sketching a few circles, rectangles and triangle to begin with. Once your template is done, draw the silhouette of the creature.

Notice how the hands and fingers are created using short curved lines. On top of the head, work on a simple hat made from pointed lines. Legs are also converging into a single narrow spot. Unlike previous ghosts, this one has teeth. No shadows are added inside the drawing, but a few reflections are created in the fifth step.

How To Draw Ghosts

One last character filled with more details

So far, we have learned how to draw ghosts that were rather basic and easy to achieve. This ghost clip art is definitely more challenging! First, the posture is different. Both arms are up and fingers are subtle. Eyes are made from perfect lines and eyebrows are added to create a more frightening look.

Small shadows and highlights are created all over the body. These new elements are subtle and filled with gray colors. Finally, a simple blue halo is drawn all around the character.

How To Draw Ghosts

I hope you had fun learning how to draw ghosts using all lessons from this series. This is not the most challenging character to illustrate, but adding relevant effects can be slightly tricky. Now that we are done working with entities, feel free to try more cool characters from the same series here.

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