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how to draw fruits using delicious tutorials

How To Draw Fruits Using Delicious Tutorials

All these lessons on how to draw fruits are usually made from a simple basic shape. For instance, apples are created using a perfect circle. Then, adding simple effects like textures and shadows can help convert this basic shape into a delicious fruit. Although the whole process might seem easy, drawing perfect cartoon fruits that look realistic and delicious can be slightly tricky. So let's see how we can draw all these amazing illustrations using a mix of simple and complex techniques.

Working with the most popular fruit of all ... the apple

Apples are definitely one of the most popular and easiest fruit to illustrate. In this tutorial featuring a simple apple clipart, you can start by adding a nice circle and a thin rectangle on top. Once these shapes are created, it's time to sketch the silhouette of the subject. Notice how the top and bottom are facing the center of the shape. You can use long curved lines with pointed ends to form the image.

On the stem, you can draw a single leaf using more curved lines. Add plain colors inside the subject. Complete this tutorial by drawing subtle shadows and reflections using new shapes.

How To Draw Fruits Using Delicious Tutorials

how to draw this delicious apricot in just a few simple steps

This next fruit is quite similar to the apple created in the previous step (with some simple differences). First, the silhouette is made from two irregular oval shapes. The stem is shorter and the leaf is longer. You can add plain colors inside this apricot clipart. Gradients are needed to create some depth and volume.

Next, several shadows can be added below the leaf, on the stem and on the left side of the fruit. One last thing you can do to make this image more appealing is add reflections using large white shapes. Of course, these new additions must be partially transparent to create something realistic.

How To Draw Fruits Using Delicious Tutorials

drawing a cute avocado filled with textures

This next lesson is mainly focusing on the addition of cool effects, Drawing the cartoon avocado itself is pretty easy. This simple fruit is mostly made from long curved lines. The bottom of the avocado must be larger. You can add gradients to create more volume.

Then, a simple texture made from small dots is created on the skin. Shadows are drawn inside the fruit and all around the seed. You can also add reflections and highlights using subtle shapes. Using a wide variety of yellow and green colors is required to end up with something realistic. Great! This series on how to draw fruits is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Fruits Using Delicious Tutorials

small olives also filled with cute effects

This lesson on how to draw simple cartoon olives is another example of basic shapes converted into a more complex illustration. Indeed, drawing olives can be done using only an oval shape and a circle. In this lesson, we will also draw leaves and stems. You can start by drawing all those elements using basic shapes.

Then, add gradients inside the picture. For the olives, you can use a circular fill. Shadows are added all over the image. They should be subtle and partially transparent. The addition of reflections using white shapes (also partially transparent) is all you need to complete this tutorial.

How To Draw Fruits Using Delicious Tutorials

Sketching a fun banana in just four easy steps

Most fruits created so far were done using circles or oval shapes. This is not the case for this adorable cartoon banana made from long curved lines. These are the lines needed to form the silhouette of this fruit. Both ends of the subject are filled with darker shapes.

Unlike most lessons created previously, this banana doesn't require the addition of complex effects. Indeed, shadows are only created using different layers of colors. Notice how the bottom of the banana is slightly darker than most layers located above.

How To Draw Fruits Using Delicious Tutorials

Another basic fruit made from plain colors

Let's continue learning how to draw fruits using only plain colors by sketching an amazing strawberry clip art using short curved lines. You can start this lesson by drawing a template made from a circle and a few short triangles. Seeds are added on the fruit using more tiny oval shapes.

Once you are done, you can erase all basic shapes created in the first step. Plain colors are added inside the strawberry as shown below. You can see that three different layers of red colors were added. Inside the stem, two layers of green colors were used.

How To Draw Fruits Using Delicious Tutorials

adding multiple effects inside a single cherry

This might be the ultimate example of a basic shape that is converted into a complex illustration using several effects. All you need to do to draw this cartoon cherry is sketch two basic shapes. Once you are done, the real fun begins. Adding gradients is a good start. Then, multiple layers of shadows and reflections are implemented to create a subtle image that looks quite realistic.

How To Draw Fruits Using Delicious Tutorials

learning how to draw fruits that don't have outlines

This fun cartoon watermelon is also featuring a few fun things. First, this fruit is mostly made from long curved lines. The seeds are made from tiny oval shapes that are sketched with one pointed end. Unlike most lessons from this series, no shadows are added inside the subject. It's also the case for highlights and reflections. Finally, the final image of the watermelon doesn't have any strokes or outlines. It's much simpler to draw and the result is still very effective.

How To Draw Fruits Using Delicious Tutorials

Hopefully you had a blast learning how to draw fruits using all these great lessons. You don't need to create all these complex digital effects if you prefer to sketch simple versions. If you are still hungry, then you can try to learn how to draw more delicious cartoon food here. Enjoy! :)

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