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how to draw frogs using a few adorable characters

How To Draw Frogs Using A Few Adorable Characters

Are you ready to learn how to draw frogs that are visually basic, colorful or even complex? Excellent! This page is filled with fun lessons of the most appealing cartoon frogs from this site. You will learn to illustrate this adorable animal using basic shapes like rectangles, circles or triangles. Then, you can also try to improve your images by adding shadows, highlights, gradients and textures.

Frogs are one of my favorite things to sketch. These lovely creatures have a unique silhouette that can be both easy or challenging to duplicate. The fact that frogs have a perfect round head, long back legs and a bright green skin makes it easier for us artists to create. Ready? Let's see how we can draw a few samples using various tips and techniques adapted to your skill level.

drawing a cartoon frog made from rectangles and dots

Our first subject is perfect for those looking for something easy to draw. Everyone can draw rectangles and a few dots. That's all we need to learn how to draw frogs in just six easy steps. First, create the silhouette and the patch on the chest using rectangles. All four legs are made from squares and more rectangles.

Under the feet, you can sketch small dots. The eyes and the nose are made from additional dots. A simple broken line is used to form the mouth of the character. You can add gradients inside the drawing to compete this tutorial. Green colors are needed for the body and head while the dots under the feet can be red.

How To Draw Frogs

Still using rectangles, but with a fun twist

This frog clipart is also very easy to create. It can be done in just four simple steps, but it does represent a smaller challenge compared to the previous version. First, small bumps are added on top of the head to make room for the eyes. Back legs are made from short curved lines.

Eyes and pupils are created using very large circles. Notice how both sides of the eyes are cropped by the rectangle used to form the body. Curved lines are needed for the mouth and the patch on the chest. Broken lines are used for the front legs. You can use plain colors to complete this creature.

How To Draw Frogs

using circular shapes to create the cutest frog

You can also draw a frog using simple circles and oval shapes. This cute alternative is certainly the most popular version you can find on this site. First, draw the head and body using nice oval shapes. Notice the particular shape of the head. Back legs are made from long curved lines.

Eyes and pupils are done using perfect large circles. The front feet are made from curved lines too. You can draw the mouth using a long line. Yes, you can learn how to draw frogs using mostly simple circles!

How To Draw Frogs

one last simple version before the complex characters

Cartoon frogs can also be made from irregular shapes and thick lines. In this fun example, the head is sharp and pointed on both ends. Back legs are made from broken lines and are also pointed near the knees. Fingers and toes are large and thick. Both eyes are made from dots, but these two dots are not quite the same size.

Just like we did with the first version, gradients are used inside the illustration to create more depth and volume. Don't forget to sketch a patch on the chest using a perfect oval shape. Nice work! Now it's time to learn how to draw frogs that are slightly more complex to create.

How To Draw Frogs

a perfect cartoon frog with fun features

This illustration of a frog is created from a wide variety of basic shapes. The head alone is built using three circles and two oval shapes. The body is made from a rectangle while four oval shapes are needed to form both back legs. Once the template is done, you can use long curved lines to draw the creature.

Notice how all fingers are long and thin. Small circles are required to represent the eyes and pupils. Small dots are sketched to form the nose. A long patch is created from both sides of the cheeks all the way down to the bottom of the body. This face is definitely fun and interesting to illustrate.

How To Draw Frogs

how to draw frogs using fun digital effects

This next version is not necessarily dedicated to the creation of the cartoon frog. It's more focused on how to add basic effects like shadows and reflections to make this one visually more appealing. In the first step, you can witness all lines that need to be added to create the character. Step two and three are dedicated to the addition of colors and gradients.

In step number four, the real fun begins. Shadows are added around the eyes, under the front arms and behind the back legs. The fifth step is even more intriguing. Highlights and reflections are created inside the pupils, on the back legs and inside the patch located on the chest. You can see the final result in the last step.

How To Draw Frogs

a side view also filled with cool shadows and reflections

Frog drawings don't have to be created from a single point of view. In this other fun tutorial, our subject is drawn from a side view. Just like the previous version, this lesson is focusing on the added effects instead of the steps needed to draw the animal. This frog clipart is made from long curved lines.

Gradients are added to create depth. In the fifth step, you can see how shadows are implemented to create volume. Transparency is needed to end up with more subtle elements (step six). The same technique is used for highlights in step seven and eight. In the last step, all lines are colored (instead or remaining black) to complete this complex drawing lesson. Nice! Let's keep on learning how to draw frogs using more cool lessons like this one ...

How To Draw Frogs

Working with textures to end up with a fun creature

This last frog clip art is also filled with complex effects like shadows and reflections. However, you can go one step further by adding textures to the character and create a more realistic artwork. Throughout the first six steps, you can see how the animal was drawn and how shadows and highlights were added to the cartoon frog.

The seventh step is the most interesting one. Tiny oval shapes (currently colored in pink to help you read these shapes more easily) are added all over the skin. These small circles are in fact colored in white and are partially transparent. It is quite easy to do, but still very effective.

How To Draw Frogs

I hope that learning how to draw frogs using all these cool lessons was a fun experience. If you like this page filled with all the most popular frogs from this site, then feel free to browse more animals from this series here. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice as often as possible.

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