how to draw frankenstein

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw Frankenstein, one of the most popular monster of all time. You will learn how to create a cute version of this character using mostly simple curved lines, plain colors and cute digital effects. Ready? Great! Let's proceed with the first step now ...

How To Draw Frankenstein

drawing the main shapes of the monster

First, you can draw the head, the ears and the chin. As you can see below, the ears and the chin are made from simple curved lines. The jaw is created using broken lines and hair is added on top of the head using several short lines.

Shoulders are slightly down and made from irregular lines. Fingers are not visible (except for both thumbs) and the shirt is a little short. Both pants are tight and shoes are made from a mix of straight and curved lines.

How To Draw Frankenstein

adding facial features

On both sides of the head, you can draw small screws made from tiny oval shapes. Both eyes are created using perfect circles. Pupils are also made from circles and a small circle is added inside each pupil. Eyebrows are actually made from a single rectangular shape and the nose is done using a broken line. You can complete this step with the addition of the mouth and two small teeth.

How To Draw Frankenstein

drawing some details on the cartoon character

Now that the character is completed, let's add some details inside the illustration to make this fun monster even more appealing. First, you can draw a few irregular lines on the forehead of Frankenstein.

Next, you can draw stitches on the chin, the pants, the right hand and the vest of the creature. Finally, you can draw simple patches on the clothes to complete this part of the drawing lesson.

How To Draw Frankenstein

filling the creature with gradient colors

Drawing a black and white version of this character is nice, but adding colors is even better. For this step, you can add gradient colors all over the illustration. Basically, each part of the character is now filled with two different versions of the same color. For instance, the bottom of the head is darker while the top is brighter. This simple technique can quickly add some depth to your work.

How To Draw Frankenstein

drawing shadows to make this monster creepier

Shadows are perfect to create more volume inside an illustration. In this step, we need to draw new dark shapes to create subtle shadows in a few areas. All these new shapes must be partially transparent. You can see all new shapes below (featured with a temporary pink outline). 

How To Draw Frankenstein

good job learning how to draw frankenstein!

You can complete this tutorial by adding a small oval shape inside both pupils. This new shape must be colored in white and also be partially transparent. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw Frankenstein is officially over!

How To Draw Frankenstein

Below you can see all steps required to illustrate this cartoon monster properly. Now that we know how to draw this cute creature, why not try more monsters and scary illustrations available in the Halloween section of the site. :)

How To Draw Frankenstein

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