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How to Draw Feet Using a Simple Side View

How to Draw Feet Using a Simple Side View

You can learn how to draw feet using several cool angles. A front view can be practical, but it's also a challenging view to sketch. The same thing could be said for a top view. If you are not familiar with this part of the body, then it can be a good idea to start with a side view. It's the simplest and safest angle you can use to draw a nice-looking foot.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to illustrate a right cartoon foot (as shown from inside the foot). Adding simple shadows and reflections can also help create more volume to the body part. Once you are familiar with this lesson, drawing a foot from another angle should be slightly less complicated. 

Using basic shapes to create a simple template

First, let's create a basic template from simple shapes like rectangles and circles. This can help up polish the posture and the proportions before drawing the foot. Start by adding a large rectangle to form the ankle. The heel is represented by a large oval shape.

The arch is done using another large rectangle. The sole is done with a circle. Use a small rectangle and another circle to create the big toe.

How to Draw Feet Using a Simple Side View

drawing the silhouette of the cartoon foot using lines

Now that we have a template to work with, we can draw the cartoon foot using several long curved lines. I like to use thick lines with pointed ends to illustrate this part of the body. First, draw a long line to create the right part of the ankle and the heel.

The left part of the ankle is also done with a long line that can reach the big toe. The bottom of the foot is created using two more thick lines. A line is also sketched near the middle of the ankle. Don't forget to draw a nail on the big toe. You can erase all gray shapes once you are done drawing the feet.

How to Draw Feet Using a Simple Side View

adding colors inside the body part

Great work! This lesson on how to draw feet is progressing nicely. It's now time to add colors inside the foot. You can use a brighter color for the nail and a darker one for the toes located on the back. This illustration is visually appealing, but we can definitely make this one better.

How to Draw Feet Using a Simple Side View

sketching simple shadows

Darker shapes can be drawn in some areas to create more contrast. These new additions can be filled with a darker color. You can draw subtle shadows below the ankle, on the heel and on the big toe. All new elements are displayed below (with a temporary pink outline).

How to Draw Feet Using a Simple Side View

drawing highlights on the foot

Now that darker shapes were created on the foot, you can also add brighter ones. These simple additions can help create more volume into the image. One shape is drawn on top of the cartoon foot and the second shape is added above the ankle.

How to Draw Feet Using a Simple Side View

nice work learning how to draw feet!

Once all steps are completed, you should end up with an illustration similar to the one located below. Feel free to try more versions using various angles and textures. You can also sketch another foot from a side view, but try another posture. Possibilities are endless!

How to Draw Feet Using a Simple Side View

If you need more information on how to draw a foot like the one found on this page, you can use the image located below. This one is featuring all steps grouped into a single file.

How to Draw Feet Using a Simple Side View

Now that we are done learning how to draw simple feet, you are invited to try more body parts from this site below. Don't forget to practice on a daily basis and have fun creating! :)

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