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how to draw farm animals made from cute basic shapes

How to draw farm animals

Learning how to draw farm animals can be a difficult task. Some animals are made from complex shapes and drawing all patterns, postures and details accurately can be challenging. Fortunately, this is not the case for all three characters found below. Indeed, you will learn how to draw a simple pig, a nice sheep and a cute cow mostly made from basic shapes and lines. Ready? Let's begin with a lovely cartoon pig ...

A cute cartoon pig to begin with

First, let's work on this adorable lesson found below. You can start by sketching the head and the body using long pointed lines. Notice how the head and the body are separated in the middle by a short white space. Then, draw two long ears using medium triangles with soft edges.

Next, you can draw two small dots to form the pupils. The nose is created from a large oval shape. Two smaller oval shapes are inserted inside the nose. The mouth is made from a short curved line. Complete this lesson by sketching four legs and a tiny curly tail. Good job! Our first cartoon animal is now completed.

How to draw farm animals

Moving on with an adorable sheep

Once again, we need to draw the head using a rectangle made with round corners. The body consists of several small curved lines. Both ears are long, thing and made from triangles created with curved lines.

Continue working on this cartoon sheep by drawing the eyes using dots. The nose is made from a short broken line and the mouth from a long curved line. Four simple legs are added on the bottom of the illustration. Make sure the back legs are slightly higher than the front ones.

How to draw farm animals

A pretty cow to conclude these simple lessons

The body and the head of the cow are similar to the ones created for the pig. Next, you can draw the horns and the ears using short triangles. The eyes are made from solid dots. The area around the jaw is contained within another large rectangle. The nose is represented by two large dots and the mouth using a curved line.

You can also draw all four legs using small rectangles and create a tail using long curved lines. Finally, patches are added all over the body of the cartoon cow. You can add some colors to complete this tutorial.

How to draw farm animals

Learning how to draw farm animals has never been easier

Yes, learning how to draw farm animals can be relatively easy when using simple tutorials like the ones found on this page. More lessons using the same template can be found here. Have fun experimenting and don't forget to practice as often as possible. Simply unleash your creativity and try to illustrate new characters, new animals, new postures, new textures and new colors. :)

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