How to Draw Eyes

In this tutorial on how to draw eyes using cartoon style illustrations, you will have the opportunity to draw up to five different pair of eyes.

Each of these small tutorials are rather easy to achieved. However, you will find that even if these tutorials are not so hard to complete, the results are good enough to be used in any comic strips of yours.

Drawing a nice cartoon eye is not so difficult. Usually, you only need a couple of lines and two circles to get a good result. Knowing how to draw perfect eyes is crucial if you want to create cartoon characters that are fun to look at and expressive. Eyes are a great tool to display all kinds of emotions.

Make sure that you know how to master this important part of the human anatomy before moving on with the creation of your cartoon characters. 

Tutorial #1

how to draw eyes

In this first tutorial, the eyes that you need to draw are very simple. In the first step, just create an oval shape to form the eye. Notice how both ends of the shape are created. Then, you can add eyebrows using a single curved line.

Next, add the iris using simple circles. Finally, add a few dots inside your iris to form the pupils. Quite simple, isn't it? Let's move on with the second drawing lesson on how to draw eyes.

Tutorial #2

how to draw eyes

In this tutorial, let's draw the eyes of a mean female character. First, draw oval shapes, but make sure that the bottom part is flat. Next, add the eyebrows using a thick line. Your character needs to be angry so draw the lines accordingly. In the third step, add a few lines below and above the eyes to create the eyelids.

Finally, add a single dot inside each eye to complete your illustration. These eyes are very simple to create, yet they are also very expressive, which is perfect if you want to create a fun cartoon character.

Tutorial #3

how to draw eyes

This time, let's draw cute eyes from another female character. Draw the eyes using a single line that should look like an incomplete oval shape. Next, create some eyebrows with a line. In the third step, illustrate the iris using a large oval shape filled with a black color.

You can also add a small and white circle to create a little bit of reflection. Finally, finish working on your image by adding a few eyelashes on the side of each eye. So far, so good! Let's move on with our tutorial on how to draw eyes...

Tutorial #4

how to draw eyes

This time, let's draw the eyes of a serious female character. For this drawing lesson, let's create the outline of the eyes using only two lines. Make sure that you don't create a shape that is closed.

Next, add the iris and the eyebrows. In the third step, use small thin lines to form the eyelashes. Finally, add a single dot to illustrate the pupils. Once again, a simple and effective way to create good-looking eyes.

Tutorial #5

how to draw eyes

For this last lesson, we will work on male eyes that are simple, serious and drawn with only a few lines. First, create the eyes using an oval shape with pointed edges. Next, add some eyebrows using a thick line.

Your character needs to be serious and almost angry. In the third step, just draw a single line below each eye to form the lower eyelid. Finally, add a single dot inside each eye to complete this simple drawing tutorial on how to draw eyes.

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