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How to draw eyebrows using a few fun examples

How To Draw Eyebrows Using A Few Fun Examples

Learning how to draw eyebrows that look good can be complicated if you are working with cartoon characters. Most of the time, a simple line is used to depict this part of the body. However, it might be not enough if you want to go a little bit further in your exploration.

Indeed, the facial expression of a character is the most important aspect of a comic strip. If you don't get it right, then your work will suffer from a lack of credibility. Since we are usually focusing our attention on the eyes of a character, then eyebrows are also exposed (and therefore important).

This series won't help you create funny facial expression. Our goal here is just to select to most appropriated eyebrows for your characters. Ready? Let's start this lesson now. :)

1. using simple lines filled with colors

Like I said earlier, the easiest way to illustrate eyebrows is to use a simple line filled with color. Most of the time, eyebrows are black. For this example below, the color of the hair is used inside both eyebrows. You can use this technique for simple characters (or comical ones) that are devoted at a younger audience. It's also a good choice if you just want to use something simple.

How To Draw Eyebrows Using A Few Fun Examples

2. adding an outline around the eyebrows

This second alternative is quite similar to the first one. This time, a thin black line is added around both eyebrows. It's already slightly more complex and creating fun facial expressions could be easier. Notice how all strokes are sharp and pointed near the end.

How To Draw Eyebrows Using A Few Fun Examples

3. another simple technique that looks more serious

I really like this third alternative. I think this version is a nice compromise between a cartoonish looks and more realistic one. You can still manipulate these eyebrows easily and the fact that patterns are simple makes the whole thing easy to read. Nice! This series on how to draw eyebrows is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Eyebrows Using A Few Fun Examples

4. it's time to add more details

This next image is featuring the same eyebrows from the first example. This time, small pointed lines were added all around the main line. This effect is subtle, but it's just enough creative to add a little bit of realism to the cartoon character. Of course, it can be more demanding to draw these eyebrows if you need to create several facial expressions.

How To Draw Eyebrows Using A Few Fun Examples

5. how to draw eyebrows using only a single broken line

This method is rather unusual. It's definitely not the most attractive technique to illustrate this part of the body, but it can be used for unusual characters. Unfortunately, these patterns can be distracting when looking at the facial expression of the subject. Use this technique with caution.

How To Draw Eyebrows Using A Few Fun Examples

6. using a multitude of shorts lines

We are now getting closer to how eyebrows should look like in real life. In this sixth version, short lines are drawn vertically to create a simple pattern. Notice how most lines are separated and are not touching each other.

Lines on both ends are smaller while the ones near the middle are much longer. You can definitely use thicker lines if you want to. All options are possible.

How To Draw Eyebrows Using A Few Fun Examples

7. aiming for something quite realistic

This last example is aiming at a more realistic result. Lines are drawn randomly and the patterns used are really close to the ones found in real life. Of course this is still a cartoon character, but eyebrows are now visually more appealing. Some lines are separated from the main shape while others are barely visible and are used to draw the core of the body part.

How To Draw Eyebrows Using A Few Fun Examples

have fun drawing cool cartoon eyebrows

I hope this series on how to draw eyebrows can help you create fun and amusing cartoon characters. Remember that you can also mix a few of these tips to create something new and visually appealing. Eyebrows are very important when dealing with facial expressions, so take all the time you need to create this part of the body properly. More fun lessons from this site can be tried below. Enjoy! :)

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