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how to draw elves using a few adorable characters

How To Draw Elves Using A Few Adorable Characters

You can now learn how to draw elves using several fun tutorials featuring this fun character from Christmas. From using basic shapes to applying complex digital effects, these tutorials are filled with useful tips to help you create the perfect character. Elves can be done using a simple rectangle or drawn using shadows, textures and highlights. 

Of course, elves are not always associated with Christmas. You can also find these creatures in several mythologies. From ancient to modern culture, these characters can be found in books, movies, literature or even music. Elves can be short, cute and gifted with special powers. Let's see how we can illustrate a few versions using all tutorials located below.

One cool character made from squares and rectangles

The first elf clipart we can work with is mostly made from squares and rectangles. These shapes are used to form the head, the body and the legs. Inside the head, you can draw large eyes and pupils using perfect circles. Notice how both sides of the eyes are partially hidden.

Ears are made from short curved lines and the mouth using a straight one. More simple lines can be used to represent the feet. The character is wearing a costume that consists of a belt and a hat. A simple pattern made from triangles is also added below the neck. 

How To Draw Elves

Using mostly circles to draw another fun version

You can also draw an elf using mostly circles, oval shapes and curved lines. Only the body is made from a long thin rectangle. Straight lines are used to form the arms. You can draw a large hat with more long curved lines. Once again, both eyes and pupils are done using perfect circles.

A belt is created near the waist and a pattern made from triangles drawn above the body. Tiny reflections are sketched on the pupils and a large line is used to illustrate the smile. Don't forget to add plain colors to complete this fun cartoon character. Nice work! These lessons on how to draw elves are progressing nicely.

How To Draw Elves

Why not try a funny posture?

Our next subject is definitely original. This cartoon elf was created using a fun and unusual posture. The first steps are dedicated to the creation of a template. These shapes are then used to help you create the silhouette of the elf. This character is unique because this one is standing and holding both shoes with its hands.

Just like all previous lessons, don't forget to draw a large pointed hat and a belt. Ears are made from sharp curved lines and a few details are added inside the head of the character. Outlines are thick and the illustration is filled with plain colors.

How To Draw Elves

Adding more complex effects like shadows

You can now learn how to draw elves using more complex effects like shadows and reflections. Indeed, this next elf cartoon is also drawn using basic shapes. You can see how the character was created in the first step. Next, just add plain colors all over the image. When you are done, apply gradients to create more depth.

Shadows are then added on multiple areas. You can see new shadows inside the hat and below this one, on the left side of the head and around the eyes. More shadows were created on the body, the arms and the legs. Subtle reflections were sketched inside the pupils.

How To Draw Elves

how to draw elves using all tips learned so far

This last elf drawing is featuring most tips and techniques we have learned so far. Indeed, the character is made from basic lines and shapes. It's also filled using gradients. Both eyes and pupils are large and very appealing. In the fifth step, dark shadows are created in some areas.

These shapes are then partially hidden to create a subtle result. In the seventh step, the same process is applied for highlights. Finally, all lines are colored in the last step to create a fun and cute cartoon elf.

How To Draw Elves

I hope you had fun learning how to draw elves using all tutorials from this site. Creating the perfect character requires some time and practice. Several fun effects can be added to come up with the desired result. Now that we are done working with this mystical creature, you are invited to try more fun characters from the same series here. Have fun drawing! :)

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