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how to draw ducks using a few adorable tutorials

How To Draw Ducks Using A Few Adorable Tutorials

In this series, you can learn how to draw ducks using only basic circles and rectangles. If you prefer to try something more challenging, you can also try more lessons featuring complex animals filled with shadows and reflections. All you need to help you illustrate this fun character in just a few simple steps can be found here.

These aquatic birds are mostly known for their short pointed tails and large beaks made from curved lines. Several subfamilies of ducks are available, but these lessons are mostly focusing on the most popular one. So let's see how we can sketch a wide variety of cartoon ducks using fun tips and techniques ...

Drawing a simple duck using a large rectangle

You can start this series by working on this duck clipart made from a large rectangle. Once you have created this shape to form the body, add both legs using curved lines. Eyes are made from large circles and pupils from smaller ones. Notice how both sides of the head are partially hiding the eyes,

The beak is represented using a few curved lines. Next, draw both wings with straight lines. The tail is made from a weird triangle. Inside the character, add plain colors (mostly yellow and orange).

How To Draw Ducks

Another cute version made from a perfect square

This second lesson on how to draw ducks is featuring another adorable creature made from a perfect square. Inside this one, you can sketch the beak from a large triangle. The wing is done from another small square and the tail from a triangular shape.

Don't forget to draw short and thin legs as shown in the illustration below. Eyes are made from small dots and the character is also filled with yellow and orange colors. For this tutorials, instead of using plain colors you can try gradients.

How To Draw Ducks

Why not use circles instead?

Yes, you can also draw a duck that looks adorable and cute using circles. In fact, it's even easier to do so. In this tutorial, you can start by sketching the head using an irregular circle. The body is created from a smaller oval shape. Feet are made from tiny triangles and wings from perfect curved lines.

Inside the head, draw two large circles and a wide beak. Pupils are added using more large circles. Small reflections are drawn inside the pupils. The character can be filled with orange and yellow colors. Notice how the wings and the tail are slightly darker.

How To Draw Ducks

Mixing rectangles, squares, circles and smooth shapes

Learning how to draw ducks from rectangles, squares and circles is fun, but how about using a mix of all those shapes? This is what this next tutorial is all about. As you can see below, the head and the body are made from rectangles. However, these shapes are now created using smooth edges.

Both eyes are done from large dots and the beak from two triangles. Don't forget to add a neck, some hair on top of the head, wings, a tail and large feet. This was our last lesson featuring a basic character. We are now proceeding with more advanced tutorials.

How To Draw Ducks

a cute duck still made from basic shapes, but more complex

The template used to create this illustration of a duck is also mostly made from basic elements. Indeed, the head and the body are done using large circles. The wing and the tail are represented by rectangles. For the legs, irregular shapes are added below the character.

More details can also be drawn inside the beak and the feet. Feathers are created on top of the head, on the chest, near the end of the wings and on the tail. Pupils are colored in blue and the rest of the animal is yellow and orange.

How To Draw Ducks

Working with more complex effects and no outlines

This next lesson of a duck cartoon is not necessarily focusing on the step-by-step process needed to learn to draw the character. Instead, this tutorial will show you how to add cool effects to create a more realistic image. I also like the fact that the final illustration is not made with strokes or outlines.

In the first step, you can see all the details needed to sketch the animal. Then, you can add gradients inside the image. Shadows and reflections are added to create more depth and volume using new (and partially transparent) shapes.

How To Draw Ducks

How to draw ducks using all tips learned so far

It's time to think of all the duck drawings we have done so far and see how we can create the ultimate character. Indeed, this last lesson is featuring a cute animal made from basic shapes and lines. Simple details like hair and nostrils are added inside the character.

This one is filled with gradients and more effects are added. You can draw strong shadows on the left side of the duck and apply some transparency. White reflections are also created using new shapes. Of course, you also need to make these new elements slightly transparent for a more realistic result.

How To Draw Ducks

Hopefully, learning how to draw ducks using all these lessons was a fun and satisfying experience for you. Remember that the key to improve your abilities quickly and easily is to draw on a regular basis. Enjoy! :)

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