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how to draw dinosaurs using fun easy lessons

How To Draw Dinosaurs Using Fun Easy Lessons

It's fun to learn how to draw dinosaurs when you can have access to a multitude of resources featuring this amazing character. That's exactly what this series is all about. I will show you how to create cartoon dinosaurs made from basic shapes, complex lines and colors. You will also have access to a variation made using a painting application. All you need to sketch the perfect creature!

We all know that dinosaurs roamed the earth a while ago. What is more impressive is the fact that this fascinating species probably lived around 165 million years on earth. Think about it! The modern form of humans is roughly 200 000 years old. That means these terrible creatures were on this planet 825 times longer than us! Do you think we can do it for another 164 800 000 years?

One nice side view made from perfect curved lines

You can start this series on how to draw dinosaurs with a cute character made from perfect shapes. First, draw a large head using a rectangle made with smooth angles. The body is tiny and done using a small circle. Draw the tail and the back leg using more short lines. Eyes and pupils are created from large circles.

For the mouth, a simple long line is more than enough. Below the mouth, you can draw a tight series of teeth made from triangles. Add subtle reflections inside the pupils and you are done for the drawing part. You can add a nice bright green color to complete this lesson.

How To Draw Dinosaurs

another simple character made using another posture

If you want to try a more dynamic posture, then this cute cartoon dinosaur is for you. Start by creating the head using a rectangle and the body with an oval shape. The neck, the tail and the arms and legs are all done using small rectangles. Once you have a template to work with, work on the silhouette using long curved lines.

You can do the same for the legs and arms. The eye and the nose are made from large shapes. You can also draw several teeth below the mouth for this creature. A nice pattern made from a long curved shape can be sketched on the chest and the tail of the dinosaur.

How To Draw Dinosaurs

Drawing different species using more basic elements

Drawing cartoon dinosaurs is even more fun when you can work on different species. This large creature is mostly made from large oval shapes like the one displayed below. A long rectangle is used to connect the head and body. For the tail and the legs, you can use several irregular shapes mostly made from straight lines.

Once the template is done, draw the silhouette of the character using curved lines. Patterns and details are then added to the image. You can apply colors inside the character using plain colors or gradients. It's all up to you!

How To Draw Dinosaurs

adding more complex effects inside the illustration

This next dinosaur drawing was created using a different approach. Unlike the previous character, you won't learn to illustrate this one using a simple step-by-step process. Instead, the tutorial is focusing on how to draw dinosaurs using special effects like shadows and reflections.

In the first step, you can see that the character has already been drawn. Next, you can add gradients inside the illustration. Proceed with the creation of shadows using darker shapes. These new additions are mainly added on the left side of the character. Bright reflections are sketched on the right side. Make sure all shadows and reflections are partially transparent for a more appealing result.

How To Draw Dinosaurs

Exaggerating the facial features for a comical monster

Just like the previous tutorial, this dinosaur cartoon is mostly filled with cool effects and no steps are available on how to draw the character. This crazy creature was done using very large teeth and bright red pupils. The tail is sharp and made from pointed lines. Notice how legs are large and imposing while arms are tiny and almost fragile. Perfect shadows are applied under the arms, on the tail, around the teeth and under the eyes.

How To Draw Dinosaurs

learning how to draw dinosaurs with ... paint!

Pencils are fun, but working on a dinosaur using paint is even more fascinating! Indeed, this cool illustration was created with a digital painting application. What's fun with this technique is the fact that adding textures and simple patterns is much easier. The result can also be closer to the real thing. Of course, this technique requires a little more abilities, but nothing is impossible if you work hard and practice on a daily basis. :)

How To Draw Dinosaurs

I hope that learning all dinosaurs available on this page was a fun experience. Using all tips and techniques found here, you can easily draw more cool cartoon dinosaurs made from simple shapes. Don't forget that more collections featuring all your favorite characters are available here. Enjoy! :)

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