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how to draw demons using fun examples

How To Draw Demons Using Fun Examples

Learning how to draw demons can easily be done using simple basic shapes. For those looking for a more challenging task, you can certainly draw these creatures using complex shapes, lines and effects. Fortunately, you can learn to draw a cartoon demons using all levels of difficulties in this fun series. It's time to grab a pencil (or open your vector application) and sketch the most terrifying creature you can think of!

These supernatural beings were quite popular throughout the ages. This popularity is still very present today. Indeed, demons can be seen in almost every aspect of our lives. From religion to literature, from mythology to movies, the popularity of evil entities will probably never fade away. These dangerous creatures are also available in many shape, form and color. The fun thing is that you can draw whatever you want and call it a demon if you want to.

using simple shapes to create a fun and amusing creature

First, let's work on a version of a demon clipart using mostly squares, rectangles and a few circular shapes. Start by creating the head, body and legs using rectangles. Feet are made from curved lines. Inside the head, sketch the facial features using large circles and one curved line (for the mouth).

Arms are also done using rectangles, but hands are round near the end. On top of the head, draw horns using triangles. Notice how both ears are done from weird curved lines. Sketch a basic trident and add colors to the cartoon demon. Great work! Now let's try something different ...

How To Draw Demons

how to draw demons from circles and curved lines

Our next sample consists of a cute cartoon demon made mostly from circles and curved lines. First, work on the head using an irregular oval shape. Then, draw the body, the legs and the arms using sharp curved lines. Eyes are made from large circles and ears using pointed lines.

For this creature, you can draw tiny horns on top of the head. Unlike the previous character, this one is featuring strong eyebrows. The nose and the mouth are done using curved lines. You can color the character using mostly green colors. The horns can be gray and the pupils are black.

How To Draw Demons

One bloody version with an intriguing posture

This next monster is drawn using a small perspective and an intriguing posture. In the first step, simply draw the body using a long and thin rectangle. Hands are bent towards the chest of the character and a large wing is drawn on its back. Both eyes are large and made from subtle oval shapes.

The mouth is large and filled with pointed teeth. You can also draw a little bit of blood all around the mouth of the monster. Eyebrows are made from straight lines and a horn is added on the wing of the creature. Add colors inside the illustration using gradients. Nice job! Learning how to draw demons that look frightening is definitely a fun exercise!

How To Draw Demons

Drawing a mad character with an attitude

Our next subject is not in a happy mood. This impressive character is made from very large horns, a thick trident and two sharp teeth. Pupils are also very intimidating. The first two steps are dedicated to the creation of the beast. All remaining steps are focusing on the creation of cool effects like shadows and reflections.

Start by adding gradients inside the subject. Next, draw several shadows (mostly on the left side of the demon). Make sure all new shapes are partially transparent. Complete this tutorial by creating bright areas using new white shapes. Once again, make sure all new additions are also partially transparent. You can see this fun demon drawing on a larger scale here. :)

How To Draw Demons

One last version featuring a green character with wings

Like the previous tutorial, this lesson is mostly focusing on the creation of cool effects (rather than learning to draw the demon using basic steps). Indeed, the character is already drawn in the first step. The second step is dedicated to the addition of plain colors. Gradients are then added in the third step.

The last three steps consist of creating shadows in strategic areas. You can draw these new elements around the eyes, on top of the arms, on the wings, below the horns and on the left side of the head. Once you are finished, you should end up with a simple demon cartoon made from complex digital effects.

How To Draw Demons

Learning how to draw demons is probably the most enjoyable thing to do. You can unleash your creativity using a theme that doesn't have boundaries. If you have fun drawing all these creatures, then you will certainly like working with more cute cartoon characters from the same series here.

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