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How to draw cute things using fun examples

How to draw cute things

Learning how to draw cute things can be useful if the world of cartoons is a passion of yours. One question remains ... how can we determine whether something is cute or not. Can you draw a simple cartoon animal and use a "recipe" to make it cute or not? Obviously, plain colors and basic shapes are often used to draw adorable characters, but are these the only ingredients needed? Let's work with a few basic examples and see what makes these illustrations cute or not.

circles are definitely cute

The first obvious tip I could give you is to use circular shapes. Indeed, circles are gentle and soft shapes that are often associated with cuteness. As you can see in the example of a puppy below, the head, eyes, pupils and nose are all made from circles or long curved lines. Since the head is the most important part of the character (and the one that we are likely to look at first), using multiple circles can help create a more appealing animal.

Also, all four legs are made from curved lines and both ears are also cute and simple. Only the body is made from a rectangle and this one is rather small. I am also convinced that the absence of outlines in the final version of the character also helps making this illustration more adorable.

How to draw cute things

proportions are also important

In this second example on how to draw cute things, let's work with a fun kitten also made from basic shapes. Notice how the head is quite larger than the rest of the body. Both ears are also large and impressive. Adding a small nose also increase the level of cuteness for this drawing. Adding large eyes, huge pupils and tiny legs is also a good idea to make this cat more appealing. Don't hesitate to try different sizes. You could be surprised with the various results you can end up with.

How to draw cute things

can a rectangle be cute?

So far, we have worked with shapes that are known to be visually appealing. Drawing a cute cartoon character using circles is pretty easy, but can we do the same using squares, triangles or rectangles? Of course we can! It all depends on how the character is built.

Take this cute cartoon chicken below. Even if the body of this animal is made from a rectangle, it's still a fun illustration to look at. Triangles are also used to draw the hair and the tail of the animal. Only the eyes and pupils are made from circles (and these circles are also partially cropped). Yes, drawing a cute character using rectangles and triangles is definitely feasible.

How to draw cute things

mixing a few properties together

You can also mix a few properties from various shapes to come up with something new. For instance, the turtle below is drawn using rectangles with round corners. Only the tail is made using a sharp end. Adding multiple circles on the shell also helps create a cute version of this character.

How to draw cute things

is he cute or not?

The cartoon character found below is not drawn using basic shapes like circles and rectangles. Instead, this one is made from short lines and seems more realistic than all previous versions. So ... is he cute or not? Compared to all its predecessors, no. Some of the things that make this man less attractive are the wrinkles on the face, the details like teeth and eyebrows as well as the absence of basic shapes. It's still a nice cartoon character, but not as cute as it could be.

How to draw cute things

How to draw cute things using a more realistic approach

Yes, you can draw a more realistic cartoon animal and still make this one very appealing. Take this cartoon deer for example. The level of realism is higher than the chicken made from a rectangle, but the level of cuteness is still very interesting. Proportions are not accurate, but both large eyes, plenty of curved lines and simple details are enough to create a very appealing cartoon animal.

How to draw cute things

Learning how to draw cute things can be a fun and simple process once you are familiar with this technique. Here is a resume that can help you achieve your goal.

  1. Use basic shapes like circles
  2. Use plain colors
  3. Draw large eyes and pupils
  4. Play with proportions
  5. Play with contrast (colors, sizes, shapes)
  6. Keep it simple (don't add complex details or patterns)

Feel free to experiment. Although you can find a few basic tips to learn how to draw cute animals and characters, ultimately you are the best judge to decide whether something is cute or not. Remember to practice as often as possible and have fun drawing cartoon illustrations. Here are a few more cute illustrations that you can try. :)

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