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How to draw Cupid using a few simple examples

How To Draw Cupid Using A Few Simple Examples

This series on how to draw Cupid is featuring four fun examples that can be drawn by anyone. The first two lessons consist of characters made from basic shapes (rectangles for one, circles for the other). The last two tutorials are focusing on slightly more complex illustrations filled with more details and one special posture.

Also known as the god of desire, love and affection, Cupid is usually associated with Valentine's Day. This character has wings and he is carrying a bow and arrows. Let's see how we can draw a few adorable versions of this lovely character now.

Using rectangles to form the head and body

This first lesson on how to create a cupid clipart is featuring a character made from large rectangles. Indeed, both of these parts and the legs are done using perfect rectangles. The eyes, the pupils and the ears are created from circles. The mouth is done with a long curved line and the character comes without a nose. You can also draw some hair on top of the head. 

Arms are made from more rectangles with round edges. Small wings are formed on the back of Cupid using several short lines. Don't forget to draw the bow and arrows on the left side of the subject. Add plain colors to complete this lesson. A skin color is also required on the chest since the character is not wearing a shirt.

How To Draw Cupid

Working on a second version made from circles

You can also draw Cupid using mostly circles and oval shapes. Just like the previous tutorial, the body and legs of Cupid are made from rectangles. For the head, you can use an oval shape that looks like an egg. Arms and legs are created from a mix of basic elements. Eyes are made from large circles, but ears are done using smaller ones.

Hair is represented by a pattern made from several short curved lines. Long wings are also drawn behind Cupid as shown in the image below. The nose and the mouth are sketched using perfect lines. A single dot is added to illustrate the belly button. Once again, a bow and an arrow can be drawn on the left side of the picture. Just add colors and we are done with this lesson on how to draw Cupid.

How To Draw Cupid

an Extremely cute character made from thick outlines

Our next Cupid clip art is featuring a character made from really thick lines. These lines are also pointed and sharp on both ends. The head is much larger than the body. More short lines are needed to illustrate the arms and the legs of the character. Next, draw the hair and the wings.

The facial expression is adorable. Both eyes are made from medium circles and eyebrows are created inside the hair. Needless to say that the smile is large and hard to miss! This version of Cupid is wearing a red shirt and a lovely heart can be seen on this one. Don't forget to add tons of bright colors to complete this simple step-by-step lesson.

How To Draw Cupid

how to draw cupid using a fun posture

This last example is featuring a cartoon Cupid that is ready to make another victim. Indeed, our character is holding his bow with a single arrow ready to fly through the sky. This character is also made with a large circular shape. The hairstyle is more complex and eyes are only made from two large dots. A small smile made from a line is completing this picture.

The wing on the back is sketched using curved lines. This one looks more dynamic than wings found in previous lessons. Our subject is filled with plain colors and subtle shadows are drawn all over the body. Nice work!

How To Draw Cupid

Yes, learning how to draw Cupid can be a fun experience. This amazing character is offering many possibilities and these four versions are just a tiny sample of what you can do. More adorable characters from the same series can be found here. Have fun! :)

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