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how to draw cows using several fun examples

How To Draw Cows Using Several Fun Examples

Learning how to draw cows is a much easier experience when you can have access to multiple lessons featuring this cute animal. That's exactly what you will find here. Throughout all tutorials available in this series, you will learn to draw fun cows made from basic shapes, rectangles, circles curved lines and filled with complex effects.

Cows are certainly quite popular in the wonderful world of cartoons. These large animals are raised for several reasons including milk, meat and leather. You can find them everywhere. Let's see how we can pay tribute to this character by drawing fun cows in just a few easy steps.

Let's start with a basic clipart version

This cow clipart is created from a large rectangular shape. On top of the head, you can draw short horns made from curved lines. Both legs are done using more straight lines. Huge circles are needed to illustrate the eyes and the pupils. Add the mouth and nose using smooth shapes and create patches all over the body. Simple plain colors are needed to complete this lesson.

How To Draw Cows

another cute cow made from rectangles

You can learn how to draw another cow made from rectangles below. Unlike the previous version, this one is entirely made from squares and rectangles. All parts, ranging from the ears, the head, the patches and the legs are sharp and pointed. Even the udder is created using rectangles. Only the eyes are made from very small dots. Basic colors like black and pink are added using gradients. Nice job! Let's proceed with more lessons on how to draw cows. :)

How To Draw Cows

from rectangles to perfect circles

Drawing cows using rectangles was fun. This time, let's draw a cow using perfect circles and oval shapes. Notice how the head of this new character is slightly larger near the bottom. The body is also as large as the head. Hooves are done from rectangles and ears from smooth triangles. Large circular shapes are required for the pupils and eyes. Patches and the udder are also made from curved lines. You can add saturated brown colors to complete this lesson.

How To Draw Cows

Why not use rectangular shapes made from round corners?

It could be fun to mix rectangles and circular shapes to create a cute cow icon. That's exactly the subject of this tutorial. First, draw the head and body as shown below. A long tail made from a thin rectangle is added. Legs are short and hooves drawn using sharp lines. Don't forget to create a large udder under the body and fun patches all over the body. It's also the first character so far to be created without outlines in the final picture. Nice, don't you think?

How To Draw Cows

Things are getting slightly more complicated

This next lesson on how to draw cartoon cows is featuring a fun animal displayed from a side view. This time, proportions are pretty interesting. Notice how the head is narrow while the area near the mouth is quite larger. Ears are tiny while the horns are long and very sharp. It's even weirder near the bottom. Legs are very thin and the udder is thick and large. Once again, this character is mostly filled with plain colors.

How To Draw Cows

Working on a more realistic character

Another cute illustration of a cow is featuring this animal made using more realistic shapes. Of course, we are still working with cartoon images so the level of realism is relative. You can still start this lesson by drawing a few basic shapes to create a template that will help you achieve your goal more easily.

Then, draw the body using more accurate proportions as shown below. Notice how the ears, the hooves, the mouth and the back of the character are all more realistic than the previous versions. Keep on working on this animal by adding the facial features and the patches. Add plain colors and you are done! :)

How To Draw Cows

Adding bright highlights and reflections

From now on, lessons on drawing cartoon cows will be focused on the addition of cool shadows and reflections. Indeed, sketching a cute animal is definitely a fun accomplishment. Making your illustration visually more appealing using simple special effects is even better. 

In the picture located below, you can see that fun shadows were added in some areas using new elements. Notice how the darker area around the jaw and the head (on the right) does give more depth to the image. Reflections created inside the pupils and on the mouth are also contributing to this 3D feeling.

How To Draw Cows

One cute character with fun features

Cow drawings can also feature funny characters. This is the case here. So what makes this animal so different? First, eyes are not the same size. The area around the mouth is also much larger than the head. Adding multiple shadows and highlights also helps creating a fun cartoon image. Of all the lessons on how to draw cows that we have tried so far, this is the first one that features colored outlines.

How To Draw Cows

How to draw cows using more cool effects

Let's try one last character featuring a cow also made without strokes and outlines. This version is also created using a funny expression. Eyes are very large and the cow just seems surprised. No outlines are added in the final illustration. Shadows and reflections are visually stunning. Sure, this tutorial is slightly more difficult than others, but you can have access to more tips on how to draw this cow cartoon here. :)

How To Draw Cows

I hope you had fun learning how to draw cows using lessons from this series. Don't hesitate to mix all the tips and techniques you have acquired here. Creating your own versions is important to help you improve your drawing abilities. Have fun!

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