How to Draw Comic Books

This section of the website will help you learn how to draw comic books that will be effective and interesting to your readers.

First, I will give you some tips to help you draw comic strips that are made of one panel, two panels and three panels. It might look rather similar at first, but these three formats are very different from each other and you don't necessarily need the same techniques to create a killer strip!

Next, I will show you what you need to know in order to draw and create cartoon characters that will be appealing and interesting for your readers! 

This is very important since without a good character, even if you have the best story in the world, your comic strip won't be as good and interesting as opposed as if your character is appealing and fascinating.

Then, if you need some ideas to help you create an interesting story, I will show you what you could do to brainstorm and play with different new ideas! 

Being original never hurts. So I'll show you how to draw comic books that are fun and different! If you are ready to create your comic strip, you can always read this article about creating your own comic strip.

If you wish to build original panels, why not see how to make a comic strip with original panels! I will give you some easy steps to follow in order to create a comic strip that will be interesting an original.

Then, when your e-book is ready,  I have some suggestions on how you could promote and sell your work online. There are a few alternative that are worth looking for and they all have some very good pros and some cons you should be aware of!

Also, I have three easy tips you might want to learn in order to create political comics that are funny and original without being too crunchy or filled with bad taste!

If you wish to be a productive daily comic strip artist, I have some advice to help you reach this objective in no time! Finally, if you wish to make a comic strips for kids, I will give you some friendly advice about what to do (or not) in order to make your book appealing to youngsters.

Kids don't necessarily have similar taste than adults and they don't read or understand a story the same way we do! So there you have it! This section is really important if you wish to create a comic strip that will be engaging, interesting and hopefully for you, successful in every way possible!


3 panel comic strips
Characters in comics
Original ideas and tips
How to create great panels
Make your own strips!
Sell your comic strips!
Daily strips and how to make them
Political comic strips
Creating comic strips for kids

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