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How to draw clouds that looks nice and fluffy

How To Draw Clouds That Looks Nice And Fluffy

Learning how to draw clouds that look nice and fluffy can easily be done using a few basic tips. Indeed, you don't necessarily need to add tons of complex digital effects to reach your goal. Using only simple lines and plain colors, it is possible to draw a nice cloud filled with fun patterns that will look amazing.

Clouds are large mass of liquid droplets suspended in the atmosphere. They can have many shape and are even used to predict simple things like the weather. Clouds can be high in the sky on closer to the ground. Of course, they are quite visible when it's raining. In the wonderful world of cartoons, they are usually depicted with a blue or gray color. Near a sunrise or a sunset, clouds can be orange or yellow.

Let's see how we can illustrate a simple cloud filled with basic shapes using the lesson found below ...

a simple formula to draw the perfect cloud

The first step below is probably the most important one. Read the following tips carefully. Cartoon clouds can usually be contained in a shape that looks like a diamond. The left and right ends are narrower and located slightly towards the ground. The top is large and made from perfect curved lines.

Near the bottom of the cloud, a few bumps are added in the middle of the illustration. It's also important to use a mix of short and long curved lines. Once the silhouette of the cloud is completed, you can erase the green lines used to create the diamond.

How To Draw Clouds That Looks Nice And Fluffy

adding plain colors inside the cartoon cloud

Now that the subject is drawn, you can add plain colors inside this one. A light blue color is a perfect alternative. You can also use a dark blue color for the outlines. Black lines could also do the trick, but working with colorful lines is always more appealing. Nice! This lesson on how to draw clouds is already progressing nicely.

How To Draw Clouds That Looks Nice And Fluffy

creating depth and volume using more plain colors

The real fun begins! Near the bottom of the subject, you can add a darker color using more simple curved lines. These new additions are following the path of lines already created on the bottom. Only two small bumps can be seen on top of the new shape.

One in the middle of the cloud and the other one on the right of the illustration. These bumps are important since they are adding more depth to the image.

How To Draw Clouds That Looks Nice And Fluffy

Working with brighter colors on top

Now that darker colors were added to the bottom of the cloud, you can sketch a brighter shape on top. Just like we did in the previous step, it can be a good idea to create small bumps on the bottom (and near those created earlier). You can see the new shape below (with a temporary pink outline).

How To Draw Clouds That Looks Nice And Fluffy

creating a few more basic shapes

Inside the subject, you can draw a few more curved shapes as shown in the illustration below. The new additions can be darker on the bottom and brighter on top. These simple lines can help make the cartoon cloud fluffier.

How To Draw Clouds That Looks Nice And Fluffy

Nice work learning how to draw clouds using these fun tips

You can see the final illustration below. All steps required to create this image are also depicted below the largest cloud. It's now time to use these tips to create more amazing clouds. You can draw larger subjects, use more lines and add simple textures too. Just be creative and try to come up with new angles and new patterns.

How To Draw Clouds That Looks Nice And Fluffy
How To Draw Clouds That Looks Nice And Fluffy

Now that we are done learning how to draw clouds using simple shapes, why not try more fun lessons from this site below? A few more clouds are accessible and you can easily incorporate more clouds into the various landscapes available. Remember to practice often and have fun with these additional tutorials. :)

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