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how to draw chickens using several adorable examples

How To Draw Chickens Using Several Adorable Examples

You can learn how to draw chickens using several different techniques. Working from a single square or rectangle is one possibility. Adding circles and oval shapes is another alternative. You can also try adding plain colors or gradients depending on the result you have in mind. There are many things you can do to create the perfect chicken clip art and these lessons will help you reach your goal.

Chickens are fun creatures to work with. These amazing birds are often (if not always) depicted with yellow colors. It's hard to determine exactly what makes a chicken different from other birds, but adding a comb, tiny wings, a small beak and a red tail certainly helps. Let's see how we can draw a wide variety of cartoon chickens using all the tutorials found below.

creating this adorable character using a large rectangle

First, we can use a large rectangle to illustrate a simple chicken made from basic shapes. On top of the shape, draw a comb using short pointed lines. Inside the head (which is also the body), draw large eyes and pupils using perfect circles. Notice how the eyes are partially hidden on both sides. The beak is done using a small diamond with round corners. Feet are made from curved lines while wings are drawn using straight ones. You can complete this lesson by adding a tail and plain colors.

How To Draw Chickens

working with squares to draw another cool character

We can also learn how to draw chickens using perfect squares. The body of this simple creature is made from a solid square. Short rectangles are added to form the beak, the wings and the tail. Small dots are placed over the mouth to represent the eyes. You can draw the comb using only small lines. Legs and feet are made from thing rectangles and short pointed lines. Simply add gradients to complete this fun tutorial.

How To Draw Chickens

Learning how to draw chickens using several circles

Now that we know how to draw chickens using rectangles and squares, let's draw a chicken using circles. Start by drawing a very large head and a tiny body. Then, create the eyes using perfect circles and the beak using a triangle. The wings and the tail are done using curved lines. Lets and feet are made from tiny rectangles. Small reflections can be sketched inside the pupils. Add plain colors to complete this lesson. 

How To Draw Chickens

Drawing the easiest version possible

If you can draw an oval shape, then creating this cartoon chicken will be easy! Indeed, the head and body are done using this basic shape. Both eyes are made from short dots and the beak can be achieved using two small oval shapes. For the wing, simply draw a few curved lines. The legs are created using a mix of thin rectangles and small ovals. Nice work!

How To Draw Chickens

Working with basic textures

So far, we have learned how to draw chickens using mostly basic shapes. In this lesson featuring an adorable chicken illustration, let's try adding textures. Don't worry, this lesson is still very accessible for beginners and young artists. You can start this lesson by drawing a few basic shapes.

Next, sketch the silhouette of the animal using short pointed lines. Inside the head, draw small dots and a triangle to represent the facial features. Plain colors can be added to the image. Complete this tutorial with the addition of shadows and basic textures using short lines.

How To Draw Chickens

One last basic lesson before working on complex animals

This simple illustration of a chicken can also be created using a single oval shape. The silhouette and the comb are made from long curved lines. The eyes and the pupils are done using medium circles. The beak is created with a triangle. A simple pattern is added between the head and the body. Wings are made from curved lines and a large tail is added behind the character.

How To Draw Chickens

One cute character filled with gradients

Sketching a chicken cartoon filled with gradients and no outlines is also a nice alternative. This little creature is different because the body is long, thin and made from perfect curved lines. The beak is short, but pointed. Eyes are large while pupils are small. Simple shadows are added on the artwork to create more depth and volume. Notice how the leg on the back is much darker than the leg in front. Nice! We are almost done learning how to draw chickens using basic shapes.

How To Draw Chickens

A complex chicken loaded with cool shadows

In this lesson version featuring a cool chicken drawing, shadows were added all over the character. This tutorial is focusing on the additions of cool digital effects. As you can see below, shadows were created around the eye, on the comb, the beak, the body and the wing. Reflections were also drawn on the beak and the wing using large white shapes (that should be partially transparent).

How To Draw Chickens

Nice job learning how to draw chickens that are visually simple and appealing. As you can see, you can easily draw this animal using only a few basic shapes. Complex versions can also be drawn with these shapes as long as you are adding effects accordingly. Have fun!

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