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How to Draw Cartoons: Miscellaneous Tutorials

How To Draw Cartoons: Miscellaneous Tutorials

Learning how to draw cartoons is certainly not limited to sketching cute animals and adorable characters. In this part of the website, you will find a nice variety of themes and subjects that did not fit in other sections of How-to-draw-funny-cartoons.com. 

From fairies to trees, from rainbows to bubble letters, all the weird lessons that can help you improve even more your drawing abilities are available here. These tutorials are loaded with valuable tips and techniques that can be used on any other subject.

Ready to learn how to draw cartoons that are simple and fun to work with? Great! Let's see a few examples ...

a nice palm tree made from basic shapes

Only six easy steps are required to illustrate this cartoon palm tree properly. The trunk is made from a long triangular shape (drawn with round corners) and the leaves are represented by curved lines. Some fruits are also visible below the leaves and they are drawn using small circles.

A simple texture made from thin lines is also added on the trunk. Overall, this is a very easy lesson to complete. Don't hesitate to try more versions using various shapes, different textures and even shadows or highlights. You can also create the same palm tree without strokes and outlines. Possibilities are endless!

You can try the video lesson found below or enjoy the step-by-step tutorial below the video. More misc videos are available on my Youtube channel! :)

How to draw cartoons (Misc) - Palm tree

How to draw a rose ... the most popular lesson here!

This site has been online for several years now. Learning how to draw a rose has always been the most popular lesson available on this site. I honestly have no idea why, but you are looking at a drawing lesson that was viewed more than 500 000 times! It's now your turn to learn how to create this beautiful flower! 

The most important step of this tutorial is definitely the fourth one. Getting the top of the flower right (the long curved line) is really important. Both leaves are made from small curved lines and are extremely easy to achieved. Don't forget to add color gradients on the petals to create depth and volume.

How to draw cartoons (Misc) - Roses

A colorful rainbow filled with simple effects

This is probably the easiest tutorial to draw accurately. After all, you just need to draw a bunch of curved lines and two small clouds to complete this lesson. Unfortunately, this lesson is not just about sketching simple shapes and lines. It's also about adding digital effects to create a more complex illustration.

In the third step, colors are added inside the subject. The fourth step consists of adding color gradients to give more volume to the rainbow. Notice how the back is brighter in the middle. In the last step, subtle shadows are added below the clouds and a nice reflection is drawn on the rainbow itself.

How to draw cartoons (Misc) - Rainbow

a scary tornado with a funny facial expression!

Drawing a tornado can be a boring task. It's not the case when this tornado is featuring a crazy and amusing facial expression. First, simply draw the shape of the tornado using curved lines. The eyes and the mouth are drawn using basic shapes made from large strokes.

Inside the tornado, simply draw a variety of dark and bright lines. The left part of the subject can also be filled with a brighter color. Complete this tutorial by sketching small lines around the tornado (to illustrate the movement) and a little bit of dust on the bottom of the picture.

How to draw cartoons (Misc) - Tornado

It's now time to draw more miscellaneous images!

This is the current list of all drawing lessons available in this series. Some of them are quite easy to achieved while others are slightly more complex. Working with a vector application can be a good idea although it is not mandatory.

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