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how to draw cartoon Animals using cute videos

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In this section of the site, you will learn how to draw fun cartoon animals using a wide variety of video tutorials also offered in a written format. Both options are complementary and are filled with useful information to help you create simple effects quickly and easily.

These drawing lessons are all created with a vector application. You will learn how to turn a simple sketch into a nice drawing made of pointed lines, solid shapes filled with color gradients and how to add digital effects like shadows, highlights and textures. Although these tutorials might seem slightly difficult for beginners, anyone can learn useful tips from them. Seriously! :)

How to create beautiful lines and shadows

In the example below, you will learn how to draw a cartoon snail using simple curved lines made with sharp ends. You can see in the section dedicated to sketching the shell why using irregular lines can be a more appealing option compared to drawing a character made from lines that are drawn with a regular width.

This example featuring a snail is also nice because you can clearly see how adding shadows can add more depth and volume to the character. These additional shapes must be carefully drawn while playing with the opacity of these shapes is crucial to complete the desired effect.

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Let's not forget adding beautiful highlights to create even more depth to the character. Indeed, dark areas are nice to add a three dimensional aspect to the illustration, but highlights are also important to reach our goal. Once again, the snail's shell seen in the second portion of the video is a great example.

Textures to create even more realism

Textures are not always used in the wonderful world of cartoon characters, but they should. The lesson featuring a cartoon fish below is a great example of how a simple texture can convert a simple illustration into a more interesting one. 

The body of the character is quite boring when filled with simple colors, but the addition of a simple layer of texture is literally transforming this basic image into a more fascinating one.

It's the same thing with this video tutorial featuring a cartoon penguin. Drawing only a few simple lines is enough to convert this cute animal into a more complex picture. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated! :)

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You can now learn how to draw cartoon animals that are fun, unique and visually amazing. All these video lessons featuring cute animals can be found below. Enjoy a wide variety of insects, farm animals, wild animals or even sea animals that are all filled with tons of various challenges and difficulties that must be dealt with.

Ready? Simply select your favorite characters and draw! :)

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How to draw an owl - Learn how to draw beautiful realistic eyes.
How to draw a penguin - Apply texture using short lines with pointed ends.
How to draw a pig - Use a simple texture and draw cool cartoon eyes
How to draw a snail - Draw a shell filled with reflection and highlights.

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