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how to draw bunnies using several cute lessons

How To Draw Bunnies Using Several Cute Lessons

Nothing is more fun than learning how to draw bunnies using simple lessons filled with cute characters. These adorable animals are mostly made from soft shapes and lines. So if you can sketch circles and oval shapes, then you will be able to create most bunnies from this series. Also, make sure you have enough pink colors if you are using tangible tools!

Bunnies are quite popular in farms and during Easter. Of course, there are a few things to look for when drawing this popular creature. Adding large ears and long teeth is a good beginning. These animals also have large back legs, a round back and a tiny nose. Let's see how we can draw fun cartoon bunnies in just a few basic steps using all tutorials below.

Using mostly perfect circular shapes

You can start this lesson on how to draw a bunny by sketching a large oval shape to form the head. The body is represented by a thin rectangle. Yes, the head must be much bigger than the body if you want to create an appealing bunny. All four legs are created using short curved lines. Eyes and made from large circles.

Next, it's time to work on the ears using oval shapes. Notice how all ears are long, large and round. Inside the eyes, you can add perfect circles to complete the pupils. The nose is made from a short triangle. The mouth is large and mainly made from a single line. Don't forget to add teeth and simple plain colors to complete this basic lesson.

How To Draw Bunnies

Using a side view to create another adorable cartoon bunny

This character is slightly more complex to illustrate. Unlike the previous model, no body parts are symmetrical. The head, the body and the ears are still made from large oval shapes. The eyes and the nose are created using tiny dots. You can also sketch whiskers using long curved lines. Teeth are large and made from (almost) perfect squares.

The tail is represented by small pointed lines. It's important to work on the orientation of both arms to get this posture right. Unlike the previous character that was filled with gray colors, you can use pink and white colors to complete this lesson on how to draw bunnies.

How To Draw Bunnies

with arms wide open

Once again, let's try another posture using this fun lesson featuring a cute bunny icon. This time, the character is standing and can be seen with both arms wide open. As you can see in the first step, most parts are created using rectangles. Only the head, the feet and the hands are done using circles. Once you are done creating the silhouette, you can add long ears and perfect eyes.

The nose is also made from oval shapes. Inside the head, you can draw a patch around the mouth and draw whiskers. Another simple patch must be added on the chest. Complete this character by adding teeth and a short tail. Once again, this animal is filled with blue and gray colors. Only the nose is pink.

How To Draw Bunnies

I'm tired! Let's sit for a while!

Why not try another posture using a fun cartoon bunny mostly made from rectangles? This sample is interesting. Although the basic shapes used to form our template is mostly done using rectangles, the final image is still created with curves and smooth lines.

I also like the fact that for the first time, we can see a character having both eyes touching each other. The nose is made from a perfect circle and teeth are done using short squares. You can also draw huge patterns under the feet using a different color. More patches are added under the ears as shown in the final illustration below. Great work! These lessons on how to draw bunnies are progressing nicely.

How To Draw Bunnies

Working with basic textures

Another cute bunny illustration can be drawn using basic shapes. However, this adorable version is also filled with basic textures made from short lines. First, sketch the character using circles and oval shapes. Then, create the silhouette using multiple short lines. The facial features are mostly made from dots and lines.

Next, create basic patterns inside the ears, the legs and the feet. Once the character is drawn, you can add plain colors (mostly pink). It's a good idea to add colors on all outlines too. Complete this tutorial by drawing simple shadows and textures as shown below.

How To Draw Bunnies

How to draw bunnies using rectangles and pointed shapes

This last illustration of a bunny is created using mostly rectangles and squares. Only the feet are represented by large oval shapes. Ears are pointed and formed using triangles. You can draw some hair around the ears, on top of the head and near the cheeks.

Tiny fingers are drawn using short curved lines. Both eyes and pupils are made from small circles. The nose is large and thick. Don't forget to draw simple teeth using rectangles. Plain colors are added all over the character. The nose and the feet can be darker while patches are brighter.

How To Draw Bunnies

Excellent work! Hopefully these lessons were more than enough to help you learn how to draw bunnies that are visually appealing and simple to complete. Have fun sketching and remember to practice often. :)

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