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how to draw bread filled with subtle textures

How to draw bread

Learning how to draw bread is certainly less difficult than making your own bread without using a machine. In this lesson, I will show you how to create a nice cartoon bread using simple digital effects so that we can end up with an appealing illustration. Time to grab a pencil (or open your vector application) ... let's draw this delicious food now!

drawing the silhouette of the cartoon bread

First, let's concentrate on the silhouette of our subject. You can start by drawing the sliced section using curved lines. Don't forget to create a small crust by drawing the same shape (only slightly bigger). On the right of the illustration, create the rest of the bread using a long curved line.

How to draw bread

adding gradients to create some depth

It's time to add colors to the bread. The external part of the subject can be filled with a brown color. The crust must be darker. Inside the bread, you can use a light beige color. Using gradients can help create more depth inside the illustration quickly and easily.

How to draw bread

creating beautiful shadows

One thing we can do to make this illustration more appealing is create subtle shadows on the subject. These new shapes must be filled with a darker color. You can also play with the opacity of these new elements to create something subtle and visually more realistic.

Three shadows are added on the cartoon bread. You can see these new shapes below (with a temporary pink and blue outlines). Remember that these shapes must be subtle otherwise the result might look slightly too dramatic (which is not what we are looking for).

How to draw bread

working with highlights and reflections

Now that we have created cool shadows, let's work with highlights. Basically, instead of adding darker shapes, we are now drawing white shapes inside the image. Once again, these new elements must be partially transparent. You can see both shapes below (with a temporary pink outline).

How to draw bread

creating fun textures to complete this lesson

On the bread, sketch several small oval shapes to create some texture. These new shapes must be darker inside the bread and brighter on the outside. Just like we did with shadows and highlights, these new shapes must be partially transparent too.

How to draw bread

Good job learning how to draw bread

I hope you had fun learning how to draw bread using this simple step-by-step lesson. Of course, you can try more versions using only slices of bread or various shapes and colors. You can also play with textures and add patterns to come up with something new and 100% original. Possibilities are endless!

How to draw bread
How to draw bread

Above, you can see all steps required to illustrate this simple food. Now that you know how to draw cartoon bread quickly and easily, you can try more drawing lessons from the food section here. Give it a try! All lessons are fun and ... delicious! ;)

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