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How to Draw Animals From The Wild

How To Draw Animals From The Wild

The wildlife! Find out how to draw animals with big teeth, long necks and a very bad attitude. You are not to the farm anymore... you're now struggling for your life! Wild animals bring a new dimension to explore for an artist. Yes, just like you did with the farm animals, you can also draw a cute snake or a funny elephant.

However, it's more challenging and rewarding to try to depict the aggressive nature of a snake, a lion or any other wild animal. Cartoons can look funny, stupid or dramatic. It's all up to you!

In this section, drawing lessons are separated in two different groups. In the first one, you will learn how to draw these animals using four simple steps (fun facts, analyzing the character, using basic shapes and sketching the illustration).

The second option is very straightforward. All animals are drawn using a basic step-by-step tutorial. Simple shapes are used to create a template and then the character is created using these basic elements.

Ready to start? Let's take a look at a few samples to start with ...

A video lesson featuring a cute cartoon snake

A few of these characters are also available in the form of video lessons. You can see the complete list on my Youtube channel. It's the case for this cute cartoon snake made from long and simple curved lines. 

an adorable cartoon bear to play with

This tutorial of a cartoon bear is quite easy to follow (although some elements like the paws or the eyes can be slightly more challenging). The body, the head and the legs are made from large oval shapes. Ears and hands are represented by small rectangles. Once these basic shapes are drawn, you can refine the strokes of all these body parts.

Be careful when working inside the head. The nose is made from a triangular shape (with round corners) and patches must be added inside the ears. A large oval shape is added on the stomach and more details can be added inside both paws. Add some brown colors inside the illustration and you are done!

How to draw animals : Bear

A frightening character ... turned into a cute one!

Learning how to draw animals also means working with less popular characters like bats. Of course, we can make this experience more interesting by drawing a cute one! In this example, the animal is assembled from various basic shapes like triangles, circles and rectangles. Notice how the head is large compared to the body.

The eyes, the mouth, the wings and the feet are probably the most challenging parts to illustrate properly. Hands are also quite difficult to draw (just like most hands, that's for sure!). Notice how one eye is larger than the other to give a more adorable feeling to the image.

How to draw animals : Bat

Let's try something more complex ...

So why is this cute cartoon crab more complex? Certainly not because shapes are made from various patterns. This example is more difficult to achieve simply because several little elements are needed and drawing perfect proportions can be more challenging. As you can see below, twelve different shapes are needed just for both claws.

Twenty-four additional rectangles and triangles are needed to create all eight legs. Although several elements are needed to draw the character, the most interesting one to draw properly is the body itself. This one is made from six curved lines that must be placed carefully into the picture to end up with the perfect result! :)

How to draw animals : Crab

The challenging task of drawing four legs animals!

Drawing a horse, a zebra or a camel is definitely more difficult than creating a simple frog. The posture and the anatomy of these animals can be hard to figure out properly. In the lesson found below, you can learn how to create a nice camel in just nine easy steps. Once again, drawing accurate proportions can be your biggest challenge.

Several rectangles are required to create the body, the neck and the legs of this cartoon camel. How to make sure this character looks like a camel and not a horse? Simply draw a nice large hump on the back of the character and make sure the mouth is long and slightly leaning towards the ground.

How to draw animals : Camel

going under the sea

Now that we have learned how to draw animals that are living inside forests or jungles, let's try to sketch a simple animal from the sea: an octopus! In this case, one large circle is needed for the body and several small rectangles can be sketched to illustrate the tentacles. 

Don't be fooled by the fact that rectangles are used to create the template. The character is only drawn using long curved lines. When the main shape is created, you can add more details inside the drawing like shadows below the tentacles or patches on the forehead of the animal. Don't forget to draw this big large smile! ;)

How to draw animals : octopus

Want something simpler? This whale is for you!

The last three tutorials were quite complex to create. If you need a little break, then this cartoon whale is perfect for you. Knowing how to draw animals that are simple and made from just three or four shapes is also important. This character is a pretty good example!

Indeed, all you need to draw this whale is a large square, a tiny rectangle, one circle and two small oval shapes. The shape of the animal is made from long curved lines that are easy to draw. Sketching accurate proportions is also very easy on a character like this one.

How to draw animals : whale

This is definitely not a happy camper!

So far we have learned how to draw animals that were happy and smiling. For this last example, let's work on a grumpy cartoon gorilla. This character is also tough to draw because of the small perspective that can be found inside the drawing. This perspective is mostly created from both arms located in front of the illustration.

For the rest, the character is made from several small circles and rectangles. If you want to draw a realistic and recognizable gorilla, pay attention to areas like the arms (the way they are bent), the jaw and the posture of the animal.

How to draw animals : gorilla

Time to draw more animals from the wild!

Below you will find all lessons available in this series. Have fun experimenting and don't forget to practice often if you want to improve your drawing abilities quickly and effectively. That's the best tip that I can give you to reach your goal of learning how to draw animals from the wild!

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