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how to draw angels using several fun examples

How To Draw Angels Using Several Fun Examples

You can learn how to draw angels that look cute and appealing using fun drawing lessons found on this page. Although you probably won't be able to witness any miracles doing so, you will certainly improve your drawing abilities quickly and easily. Whether you want to learn how to create this divine entity using circles and rectangles or simply wish to create a character with cool digital effects, you will find it here!

These supernatural beings are very popular in modern culture. In fact, they have been around for centuries. Often associated with religions, they are known for protecting people from evil. You can see them everywhere! Angels are present in books, movies and through various merchandises. Let's see how we can draw some cute cartoon angels using a few simple versions.

Using mostly circles to create the perfect character

Our first tutorial on how to draw an angel is featuring a character mostly made from circles and curved lines. Start by drawing the head using an oval shape. The body is done using a narrow rectangle. Both arms and hands are created from thin rectangles and circles.

More curved lines are needed to sketch the ears and feet. Eyes and pupils are made from large circles and some hair is added on the forehead. Don't forget to draw huge wings using more curved lines. Sketch the halo using oval shapes and add plain colors to complete this lesson.

How To Draw Angels

One heavenly creature with a relaxing posture

The next character you can draw is featuring a simple cartoon angel joining hands while smiling. As you can see below, the head is created from a perfect circle. The body is made from a triangle and arms are done using curved lines. Small wings are traced behind the subject.

The halo consists of a single oval shape and the mouth is created from a line. Don't forget to sketch the nose, the ears and the hair. Gradients are added inside the illustration to put an end to this lesson. Great work! Learning how to draw angels is definitely not a difficult task so far.

How To Draw Angels

Another cute subject, but this time made from rectangles

It is possible to draw a fun angel clipart that looks appealing using mostly rectangles. Although this is not a shape that looks smooth at first, you can draw some pretty interesting characters using squares and rectangles. Start by adding two rectangles to illustrate the head and the body.

Tiny arms are also drawn on both sides of the body. Large circles are needed to form the eyes and pupils. Ears are done using small curved lines. Hair is made using more lines while a simple halo is placed over the head. Draw tiny wings and add plain colors inside the character.

How To Draw Angels

Learning how to draw angels filled with cool effects

The next angel cartoon that we can draw is filled with fun effects like shadows and reflections. Learning how to draw angels made from basic shapes is fun, but working with complex characters is also an interesting challenge. In this lesson, the goal is not to draw the angel itself, but rather creating these effects to end up with a picture filled with depth and volume.

Draw the character using the first step as a reference. Then, add gradients inside the image. Notice how all parts are affected, even the eyes. Complete this lesson by creating shadows in strategic areas. You can draw these new elements around the eyes, on the left side of the head, below the neck and inside the body.

How To Draw Angels

Another cute character filled with realistic effects

This last tutorial is based on an adorable angel drawing also filled with complex digital effects. You can draw the creature using simple lines and shapes. Pupils are made from huge black circles and the suit is colored in blue. Wings are made from short curved lines and also colored in blue.

Basic shadows are added all over the character. In the seventh step, large white shapes are drawn inside the image. Transparency is added to make sure these new shapes are smooth and subtle.

How To Draw Angels

Learning how to draw angels is definitely a fun experience if you want to try several shapes and postures. This basic character offers several cool possibilities. If you had fun working with these adorable subjects, then don't hesitate to try more cool characters from the same series here. :)

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