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How to Draw An Owl made from simple shapes

How To Draw An Owl Made From Simple Shapes

Learning how to draw an owl is a fun thing to do if you like to work with original animals. Indeed, this special bird is filled with unique features that are a joy to illustrate. However, this lesson is a little bit special since we will use sharp shapes like squares and rectangles to create the animal.

Circles and oval shapes are slightly harder to create, that's why using rectangles can be a little bit easier for beginners. Of course, the result won't be as realistic, but it's still a fun technique to use if you are a creative person. Ready? Let's see how we can draw this fun cartoon owl in just a few steps now. :)

drawing the body using a large rectangle

Let's start with the creation of the body using a large rectangle. This shape will also be used to form the head. Make sure the rectangle is located in a vertical posture. We need enough room inside the shape to draw more body parts. Indeed, this shape also contains the head.

How To Draw An Owl

Adding the tail and a patch

On the bottom part of the subject, you can add a tail using a small square. Another large rectangle is used to represent the patch on the chest of the animal. Great! This lesson on how to draw an owl is progressing nicely.

How To Draw An Owl

creating the eyes and the feet

You can now draw a small rectangle on top of the character to form the eyes. A single shape is needed to represent this part of the body. On the bottom of the owl, you can draw six thin vertical rectangles to create the feet.

How To Draw An Owl

sketching the ears and the wings

On both sides of the creature, you can draw wings using thin rectangles. These wings can be tall, but must be narrow as shown in the illustration below. Once proportions are right, you can proceed with the second part of this step.

Simply add small ears on both sides of the head to complete this step. You will need to use small triangular shapes that must be placed horizontally. Excellent work! We are almost done creating this cute cartoon owl.

How To Draw An Owl

drawing the pupils and the beak

Inside the eyes, you can sketch pupils using small dots. These are the only circular shapes needed for this cartoon animal. Under the eyes, draw a small beak using another triangle. Cool! It's time to add colors to the subject.

How To Draw An Owl

how to draw an owl using gradients

You can either add plain colors to the character or try using gradients. I have used the latter and this can help give more depth to the subject quickly and easily. As you can see below, most shapes are now darker near the bottom and brighter on top.

Great job! We are done sketching and drawing this cool cartoon owl.

How To Draw An Owl

If you need more help illustrating this fun character, then you can use the image below as a reference. This one contains all the steps required to draw an owl in just minutes.

How To Draw An Owl

I hope you enjoyed this simple lesson on how to draw an owl. Don't hesitate to try more adorable characters from this site below. Have fun and remember to practice as often as possible. It's the key to becoming better at drawing. :)

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