how to draw an oven

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw an oven that looks appealing and slightly realistic using mostly basic shapes and simple effects. Although the illustration below might seem complex and visually filled with details, it's actually not that difficult to create if you follow all steps slowly and carefully. Most effects are done using gradients and a little bit of transparency. Using a vector application to create this cartoon oven is recommended, but it can be done using any tools and materials. Ready? Great! Let's proceed with the first step now ...

How To Draw An Oven

drawing the cartoon oven using basic shapes

First, let's create the silhouette of the oven clipart. You can start by sketching the front of the object using three rectangles drawn with round corners. The top of the oven consists of two additional rectangles drawn with a perspective. Inside the first panel, you can draw four knobs and the digital display. Small vertical lines are used to join all three front panels. Don't forget to draw another thin rectangle on the bottom of the cartoon oven.

How To Draw An Oven

Inside the knobs, you can draw a long vertical rectangle. A small window is added inside the display. In front of the object, you can draw two handles using small squares and two long horizontal rectangles. A large window is also drawn inside the second panel.

How To Draw An Oven

It's time to add more details inside our subject! On top of the oven, you can draw five small rectangles used to illustrate holes. A small vertical rectangle is added inside each knob. The display is now filled with five buttons and the current time. Finally, you can add a small square on both ends of both handles. Excellent work! That's it for the drawing part of this lesson on how to draw an oven. It's time to add colors!

How To Draw An Oven

Gradients are used to apply colors inside the illustration. This technique is great for adding some depth quickly and easily. As you can see below, the knobs are darker near the bottom and brighter on top. Most shapes from this object are now featuring the same effect. Also, all lines created earlier to form the object are now gone. Of course, you can also keep these outlines if you prefer. It's up to you!

How To Draw An Oven

adding shadows to create more volume

Ovens are shiny objects filled with basic digital effects like shadows, highlights and reflections. In this step, let's draw a few shadows on the knobs and handles to create more depth. These new additions are made from dark shapes that must be partially transparent.

You can see all new shadows below (with a bright pink outline). Also, you can draw another shadow around the window (shown with a blue stroke below). Unlike all shadows created in this step, this new shape must be darker near the top, but brighter on the bottom.

How To Draw An Oven

creating reflections

Like I said earlier, ovens are shiny objects. That's why it's important to draw highlights that will create even more depth inside the object. All new additions are colored in white and must be partially transparent near the bottom. You can draw these shapes on the knobs, inside the display as well as on both sides of the handles.

How To Draw An Oven

More highlights are drawn on the controls and on each of the three panels located in front of the cartoon oven. You can also draw a reflection inside the large window. 

How To Draw An Oven

Nice work learning how to draw an oven like this one!

I hope you had fun learning how to draw an oven like the one found on this page. Using all tips learned here, you can easily try to draw more ovens made from various shapes and colors. Some materials can have different textures, patterns or properties. Don't hesitate to draw outlines and strokes too. Possibilities are endless ... just be creative!

How To Draw An Oven

Below, you can see all steps needed to draw this oven clip art grouped into a single picture. Take all the time needed to analyze and duplicate all steps and you should succeed in just minutes. Now that this object is completed, you are invited to draw more cool images from this site! Indeed, this section of how-to-draw-funny-cartoons is filled with more fun objects that are easy to draw! Enjoy! :)

How To Draw An Oven

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