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How to Draw An Oval using three easy tips

In this tutorial, I will give you three simple tips to help you learn how to draw an oval that is perfect and clean! Unlike circles or rectangles, an oval shape can be consider as a regular shape with an... irregular shape! You can take a look at all three tips using the step-by-step video lesson below. More details can be found in the written version of this tutorial right after the video. :)

Tip #1

How To Draw An Oval

he first tip is relatively easy. Just use a cross to set the base for your oval shape. The advantage of using a cross is that you can control the size of your shape. It can also be erased easily without leaving any traces around the shape!

Tip #2

How To Draw An Oval

The second tip is similar to the first one, but instead of using a cross as a reference, you can use a rectangle and draw the oval shape inside. Unlike the method using the cross, if you don't erase the rectangle properly, it might leave some traces around your shape.

Tip #3

How To Draw An Oval

Finally, you can just use a circle as a reference and draw your oval shape around it. This technique is not as efficient as the other two mentioned above, but it can help you draw an oval shape without using any references. Drawing an oval shape is not difficult. You just need to practice very often and eventually, it will come naturally. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

If you want to put these tips to practice, then you can try a few simple lessons from this site below. They are all featuring subjects that must be drawn with one or several perfect oval shapes.

You can also learn how to draw a cube using another fun tutorial filled with useful tips. Have fun! :)

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