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how to draw an otter with an adorable look

How to draw an otter

Learn how to draw an otter that looks cute and amazing using this simple step-by-step tutorial. You will have the opportunity to illustrate this animal using a basic posture and cool digital effects that are easy to implement. Let's start this lesson now ...

creating basic shapes

The first thing we can do is create simple shapes to help us built accurate proportions. In this step, you can sketch a simple circle to represent the head of the cartoon otter. A small rectangle is used to form the neck. The body is made from a large oval shape. Legs and feet are done using more rectangles. Only the back leg is done with a circle. Create the tail using a pointed triangle.

How to draw an otter

drawing the silhouette of the cartoon otter

Now that all basic shapes are created, let's work on the silhouette using mostly long curved lines. In this step, you can draw the head, the body, the legs and the tail. Notice how all lines are drawn using pointed ends. When you are finished, you can erase all solid shapes created in the previous step.

How to draw an otter

adding the ear and two more legs

On the left side of the head, you can draw an ear using two small curved lines. Next, sketch two more feet (located on the far side of the picture) using more short curved lines.

How to draw an otter

working on the facial features

Inside the head, you can draw the eyes and the pupils using perfect circles. Below the eyes, draw the nose using a triangle. The mouth is made from a long broken line. Sketch a few whiskers using more short lines. A long line is added on the chest of the cartoon otter.

How to draw an otter

adding nice colors

It's time to add some colors inside the character using gradients. For this tutorial, our lovely animal is mostly filled with brown colors. The nose must be darker while patches located inside the ear and on the chest should be slightly brighter. Pupils are colored in black. Excellent! This lesson on how to draw an otter is almost done. :)

How to draw an otter

creating realistic shadows

One thing we can do to create more depth inside the illustration is to draw simple shadows. These new shapes must be colored in black and be partially transparent. Usually, one end of the shadow is partially visible while the other end is completely invisible.

You can draw new shadows below the ear, on the back of the animal and below the tail. More shadows are created on the legs located behind the animal as well as on the chest. All new shapes can be seen below (with a temporary blue outline).

How to draw an otter

adding simple highlights

One last thing we can do to enhance this illustration is to create some reflection. Just like we did for shadows, we can draw new shapes that must be partially transparent. All new shapes created here should be colored in white. You can draw highlights on top of the head, on the pupils and on the nose.

How to draw an otter

Good job learning how to draw an otter!

I hope you enjoyed this lesson on how to draw an otter. This lovely animal might be challenging to draw at first, but make sure to keep all proportions right and you will be fine. For instance, the back leg must be larger and the back made from strong curved lines. Tiny ears are also required! 

How to draw an otter
How to draw an otter

Above, you can see all steps needed to achieve this lesson in just minutes. Now that this lesson is completed, feel free to try more animals from the same series here. :)

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