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How to Draw An Octopus from rectangles and triangles

How To Draw An Octopus From Rectangles And Triangles

Learning how to draw an octopus can easily be done when using long curved lines and circular shapes. However, it can be an interesting challenge if the creature is made with rectangles and triangles. That's exactly the purpose of this fun step-by-step drawing lesson.

Using the six steps displayed on this page, you should be able to reproduce this animal easily and rapidly if you don't mine practicing a little. These fun animals are quite fun to illustrate. Since the head and the body are usually grouped inside the same shape, drawing a cartoon octopus is very easy. Ready? Let's see how we can draw the character above in just a few minutes ...

starting with a single shape

First, let's draw a rectangle that will be used to represent the head and the body of the animal. The rectangle must be placed vertically. It's also important to leave some space below the main shape so that we can add the tentacles. Great! Let's move on with the second step now. :)

How To Draw An Octopus

adding small triangles below the character to form the tentacles

It's time to draw the tentacles using small triangles. First, you can sketch two shapes on both sides of the rectangle. These new additions are located on the bottom of the body. Next, draw two more triangles below the main shape. You can see how these body parts were added below.

How To Draw An Octopus

sketching two more tentacles

On the bottom of the body, you can sketch two more tentacles using more short triangles. This octopus will be gifted with six tentacles. Of course, the real number of tentacles should be eight.

In the wonderful world of cartoons, you can cheat a little bit sometimes to make the subject visually more appealing. Simply draw two more triangles if you prefer to sketch something more realistic.

How To Draw An Octopus

drawing more triangles to complete the tentacles

In this step, you can draw more triangles to complete the tentacles. Two triangles are needed for each tentacle. Now that the silhouette is completed, all we need to do is work on the facial expression of the character. This lesson on how to draw an octopus is almost done.

How To Draw An Octopus

creating an interesting facial expression with simple elements

It's now time to work on the face of the subject. On top of the head, you can sketch simple patches using three perfect circles. For the eyes, two dark dots are needed. Finally, you can create a mouth using a thin broken line.

How To Draw An Octopus

adding colors to complete this lesson on how to draw an octopus

This fun cartoon octopus is now completed. Of course, we can also add colors to enhance our illustration. For this lesson, the octopus is filled with a bright purple color. I also like to play with gradients to create more depth inside the character. Notice how the bottom of the body is now darker than the top.

How To Draw An Octopus

Now that we are done learning how to draw an octopus made from rectangles and triangles, feel free to try more similar characters below. Don't forget to practice often. It's the secret to become better at drawing. Have fun with these additional resources! :)

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