How to Draw An Eye

Learn how to draw an eye that looks realistic and is made using all the possibilities offered by modern vector applications! Drawing an eye is not an easy task. This part of the body is filled with various challenges including complex textures and difficult reaction to lighting that makes this area tough to illustrate.

Let me show you how to sketch a simple cartoon eye like the one below using all the power of vector drawing. 

Step 1

Great! You can start this drawing tutorial by adding large circles to create the eye and the pupil. Draw a few eyelashes all around the eye. Add some plain colors for now. 

Step 2

Cool! It's now time to select the gradient fill tool and add a second color to the skin located below the eye. You can also add a darker ring of blue all around the pupil. 

Step 3

Inside the pupils, draw some lines like shown in the illustration below. These lines are currently pink (for readability purposes), but they should be blue like displayed in the following step. 

Step 4

Duplicate the shape of the eye and change the color from light grey to white. As you can see, the back of the eye (behind the blue circular shape) is now brighter. You can also add a simple shadow below the lower eyelid. 

Step 5

Draw two lines: one above the eye and a second one below the eye. You can also draw two additional shapes inside the eye to create two shadows. The one on top can be larger and wider. Make sure these new elements are slightly transparent to end up with a subtle effect.

Step 6

Nice work! Create a large dark shape above the eye and use the gradient fill tool and some transparency to blend this new shape with the rest of the skin. Inside the eye, add another shadow on the left side of the pupil. 

Step 7

On the upper eyelid, create a large white shape to create some highlights. On the pupil, a large oval shape filled with transparency can also be drawn. Finally, on the bottom of the illustration you can also sketch a large bright shape that must also blend with the darker skin behind it. 

That's it for this lesson on how to draw an eye! :)

Nice work! This is a complex part of the body to illustrate, but using this lesson carefully should help you create something accurate and enjoyable to look at. Don't hesitate to try more images from the same series or try this other tutorial on how to create a cartoon eye

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