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How to Draw An Eagle mostly made from simple shapes

How To Draw An Eagle Mostly Made From Simple Shapes

Learn how to draw an eagle made from simple elements today using this easy step-by-step tutorial. To do this, you will use three basic shapes : squares, rectangles and triangles. Using the six steps displayed below, you should be able to reproduce this animal easily and rapidly if you don't mine practicing a little.

This eagle is very easy to draw with its body made of a rectangle and its beak created with a triangle. Don't forget the simple eyes illustrated with small dots and the wings made with rectangles. To turn this drawing lesson into a successful experience, just take your time, study this character carefully and enjoy.

Ready? Let's start this lesson now ...

starting with the head and body

Great! You can start this tutorial by adding one rectangle to form the body. This one should be slightly wider than higher. Next, sketch a square on top of the original shape. As you can see below, both shapes are perfectly aligned on both sides. When you are done, you can proceed with the second step.

How To Draw An Eagle

drawing a large beak and a small wing

On the left side of the head, you can draw a beak using a small rectangle. Notice how this shape is located slightly above the body. This character will be drawn from a side view, so it's important to make sure you got this posture right. Inside the body, draw another thin rectangle to form the wing. The right side of the body is perfectly aligned with this newest addition.

How To Draw An Eagle

adding a small tail below the cartoon bird

Under the body of the bird, you can draw a tail using another small rectangle. Once again, the new shape is aligned with the right side of the body. Since the legs will be longer than the tail, make sure this one is drawn using a reasonable size. Great! This lesson on how to draw an eagle is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw An Eagle

sketching great legs using small rectangles

It's now time to draw the legs using thin rectangles. Both legs are drawn below the body and are located near the middle of this one. For the feet, you can use small oval shapes. Like I said earlier, both legs must be slightly longer than the tail. Excellent! We are almost done illustration this fun cartoon bird.

How To Draw An Eagle

working inside and around the head

Inside the head, you can represent the eyes with two small dots. These new additions are located above the beak and on the left side of the head. Make sure these dots are black since no other colors will be used for this part of the body.

Two small triangles are needed to add more details inside the animal. First, complete the beak by drawing a triangular shape near the tip of this body part. Then, draw another small triangle behind the head (on the right of the illustration, near the top) to create some hair.

How To Draw An Eagle

adding colors to complete this lesson on how to draw an eagle

Now that the cartoon eagle is completed, you can add colors inside the character. For the beak and the legs, a bright orange color is needed. The head can be white. The body, the tail and the wing are black. You can also use gradients to add more depth inside the illustration. Notice how the beak is now brighter on top and darker near the bottom.

How To Draw An Eagle

I hope you had fun learning how to draw an eagle made from simple shapes. You can easily draw more versions by adding various textures, colors or by using circles and curved lines. If you need more inspiration, you can try more cool animals from this site below. Remember that practicing is the key. Enjoy! :)

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