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How to Draw an Ape in A Fun Posture

How To Draw An Ape In A Fun Posture

You can learn how to draw an ape featured in an original posture using the lesson found below. This adorable cartoon animal can be seen sitting on the floor with one hand on top of the head. The subject is filled with plain colors (mostly brown and beige) and the facial expression of the character is kind of neutral.

Unlike other lessons from this site, this one doesn't include complex gradients, shadows or highlights. This tutorial is quite straightforward and it should be easy to illustrate this cartoon ape properly. Only eight basic steps are needed to draw our lovely animal. Ready? Let's start this lesson now ...

using basic shapes to create a template

You can begin by sketching a few basic shapes to create a simple template. It's now time to work on the posture and the proportions of the character. First, draw the head using a large oval shape. Next, draw the body using a similar shape. The left arm and hand are made from three rectangles. Two are needed on the opposite side.

Finally, more thin rectangles are needed to represent the legs. Study the position of the legs carefully. It's something quite unique. ;)

How To Draw An Ape In A Fun Posture

drawing the silhouette of the cartoon ape

Now that our template is created, it's time to sketch the silhouette of the animal using mostly long curved lines. All lines are thick near the middle, but pointed on both sides. Notice the position of the fingers on both hands and how the legs are created.

How To Draw An Ape In A Fun Posture

working on the silhouette of the head

Now that the bottom part of the cartoon ape is created, let's see how we can sketch the head using more short lines. On top of the head, two lines are drawn in a triangular shape. The line on the left is longer to illustrate some hair on top of the head.

Next, you can sketch the ears on both sides. The jaw is made from six short lines (three on both sides). Finally, you can complete this step by drawing the chin using four more lines. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw an ape is getting closer to the end! :)

How To Draw An Ape In A Fun Posture

adding the eyes, the nose and the mouth

Both eyes are made from large circles. Smaller shapes are needed for the pupils. Notice how the pupils are not quite centered inside the eyes. For the nose, a few curved lines are used. You can see the exact shape below. A single curved line is required to form the mouth.

How To Draw An Ape In A Fun Posture

creating basic patches inside the head

A simple pattern made from several lines is drawn around the eyes. The middle part is visible between both eyes. Inside the ears, you can draw small curved lines to complete this part of the cartoon animal.

How To Draw An Ape In A Fun Posture

drawing more details

On the chest of the cartoon ape, you can add a large patch made from five short lines. A navel is also created using one small circle. Nice! Only a few more details are needed to complete this adorable character.

How To Draw An Ape In A Fun Posture

adding hair on the ape

On top of the head, you can draw a single hair as shown below. More lines are added near the wrists. A few hairs can also be drawn on the left armpit of the character. Finally, you can sketch a few more hair on the ankles.

How To Draw An Ape In A Fun Posture

nice job learning how to draw an ape that looks cute!

Once all steps are completed, you can add simple colors to the illustration. The ape is mostly filled with a saturated brown color. The hands and the feet can be brighter. This same color can be used on the patched and inside the ears. Great work! This lesson on how to draw an ape is now completed. 

Don't hesitate to draw more versions using various postures, textures and colors. Have fun experimenting and just practice as often as possible.

How To Draw An Ape In A Fun Posture

If you need help drawing this character, then maybe you could use this image below. This one contains all steps grouped into a single image. Simple study each step carefully and have fun!

How To Draw An Ape In A Fun Posture

Now that we are done drawing this adorable ape, feel free to try more cute lessons featuring gorillas and monkeys below. These tutorials are offering various challenges, so don't hesitate to try them all! Enjoy! :)

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