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how to draw an alligator with an adorable look

How to draw an alligator

Learn how to draw an alligator using simple shapes, lines and colors in just six easy steps. I will show you how to use a basic template made from curved lines to create a character that is lovely and easily recognizable. Of course, since this cartoon animal is very basic and mostly made from basic shapes, it's hard to include details that could differentiate this dangerous creature from another interesting animal ... the crocodile.

We are usually studying the snout of both animals to set them apart (and in this case, the drawing doesn't really put emphasis on this part of the character).

Drawing the basic template using curved lines

First, let's draw the basic shape of this cartoon alligator using four long curved lines. As you can see in the illustration found below, the top of this shape is slightly narrower on top. We will use this rectangle to form both the body and head of the cartoon alligator.

How to draw an alligator

adding arms and legs

Arms are made from short rectangles that are thin and narrow. Once again, these shapes are made from small curved lines with pointed ends. You can use the same technique to form the legs, but make sure that they are slightly wider and shorter than the arms.

How to draw an alligator

using small triangles to form the spikes

You can add small triangles on both sides of the body (mostly near the top) to form the spikes. We could add a few more on top of the head, but I prefer to keep some room for the eyebrows instead. Excellent work! We are now proceeding to the most important part of the cartoon character ... the face!

How to draw an alligator

drawing a cool facial expression

First, you can draw both eyes using large circular shapes. Pupils are made from smaller dots. Next, you can sketch a couple of eyebrows on top of the cartoon alligator. Finally, draw the mouth using a mix of curved and straight lines.

How to draw an alligator

adding a few details on the creature

So far this cartoon alligator looks like a cute creature that could also be a dinosaur or an obscure monster. It's time to add a few basic details to make sure our goal is achieved ... drawing a cool alligator.

On the tip of all legs and arms, draw small toes using short curved lines. Next, draw a large patch on the chest of the character as shown in the illustration below. Inside this patch, draw a few lines to complete this step.

How to draw an alligator

bright colors to create a colorful cartoon alligator

Yes, it's time to add colors. Of course, you can start by adding a saturated green color on the body, legs and arms of the animal. Pupils are colored in blue. The eyes, mouth and toes can remain white. The spikes and the patch are filled with a bright yellow color. You can also change the color of all lines to create a more appealing illustration.

How to draw an alligator

Hope you had fun learning how to draw an alligator

Now that you know how to draw an alligator using a few curved lines, you can have access to all characters from the same series here. Don't hesitate to experiment and draw all the animals and characters you love.

How to draw an alligator

Practicing is the key and once you are familiar with a few of these tutorials, creating your own cartoon characters should be fun and easy. More cute animals can be drawn below. :)

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