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how to draw aliens using a few colorful examples

How To Draw Aliens Using A Few Colorful Examples

It's tough to know how to draw aliens accurately since we never had a clear encounter with these creatures. Sure, some people are claiming that visitor from outer space came to their houses, but nothing really conclusive so far. A formal meeting between our respective worlds could help us in our quest to illustrate the perfect alien. Since it's hard to know what these creatures look like, let's use our imagination for now.

Aliens are everywhere (well, not physically .., culturally). You can see these fun characters in movies, books, music, arts  ... or anywhere else you can think of. Most of the time, these monsters from another world are depicted as being mean, bad and ready to wipe out the earth. For these tutorials, let's draw friendly creatures using a few basic shapes, lines and colors.

A cute alien made from rectangles and circles

Let's start this first lesson featuring a simple alien clipart with the creation of the head and the body using large rectangles. Notice how the head of the creature is much larger than the body. For the legs, a very thin rectangle is used. On top of the head, you can sketch simple antennas. 

Hands are made from tiny rectangles and circles. Simple curved lines are needed to form the feet of the alien. Eyes and pupils are done using very large circles. The mouth consists of a single line. You can add colors inside the illustration (mostly green, red and gray).

How To Draw Aliens Using A Few Colorful Examples

This time, let's use perfect circular shapes

Let's keep on learning how to draw aliens using this fun character made from perfect circles. The head is done using an oval shape with a narrower top. The body is irregular and done with a curved line. Eyes and pupils are made from very large circles. Both arms and fingers are created from tiny lines. 

Inside the pupils, you can create subtle reflections using smaller ovals. The character is filled with green colors. For this character, you can also remove all outlines and strokes. Notice how the subject seems more appealing without lines?

How To Draw Aliens Using A Few Colorful Examples

changing a few things, like pupils and arms

This other alien clip art is fun because a few basic things are different from previous versions. First, you can draw a large head using an irregular shape. The body is tiny and slightly pointed near the end. Both legs of the cartoon character are made from simple lines. Once you are done, the real fun begins!

You can start by adding arms and hands using long and thin rectangles. The character has three fingers on both hands. The complete the creature by adding eyes and pupils using circles and dots. Add colors inside the character and make sure that both eyes are dark. With long arms and darker eyes, this version is visually very interesting.

How To Draw Aliens Using A Few Colorful Examples

working on a more complex version filled with shadows

It's time to learn how to draw aliens that are visually more complex. In this case, the alien drawing is filled with subtle shadows and highlights that are created with solid shapes. Then, these solid shapes are partially hidden to create a basic effect that can easily be duplicated on all parts of the subject.

For instance, you can see in the fifth step that shadows were added on the left side of the head, around the eyes and below the neck. All these shapes are partially transparent in the sixth step. You can use the same recipe for the reflections (step seven and eight).

How To Draw Aliens Using A Few Colorful Examples

a dark visitor from outer space also colored in gray

I like this alien cartoon because both eyes are dark and both arms are wide open. The character itself is pretty easy to illustrate, but these simple effects are slightly more challenging to implement. A circular fill is used inside the eyes and the mouth is made from a short curved line. Notice the contrast inside the body, on top of the feet and on the right section of the head. Pretty nice!

How To Draw Aliens Using A Few Colorful Examples

how to draw aliens filled with basic patterns

It's time to learn how to draw an alien that is smiling (with all teeth being visible) and filled with patterns. As you can see below, the body is made from a single long curved line. Feet are short and thick. Eyes are made from medium circles and pupils are slightly smaller. Tiny reflections were added inside both eyes. 

You can draw a large smile and several teeth using straight and curved lines. Long antennas are added on top of the head. Both hands are featuring four fingers and are drawn from short curved lines. Weird patterns are applied on the skin of the monster.

How To Draw Aliens Using A Few Colorful Examples

Hopefully you had fun learning how to draw aliens made from various shapes, styles and designs. Since we are not sure how these characters really look like (or if they even exist), then feel free to draw anything you can think of. Looking for more fun characters to draw? More lessons from the same series can be found here. Enjoy!

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