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How to Draw A Zebra made from squares and rectangles

How To Draw A Zebra Made From Squares And Rectangles

Learning how to draw a zebra can easily be done using simple circles and curved lines. However, is it possible to illustrate a cute version of this animal using mostly rectangles and squares? The short answer : yes it's possible ... and it's precisely the purpose of this fun drawing lesson. I will show you that animals made from sharp shapes can also be visually appealing.

Zebras are intriguing animals to illustrate. A quick resume would be to sketch a white horse and draw black stripes on this one. The patterns found on this animal are often complex, but always visually interesting. Let's see how we can draw a basic version using the simple tutorial found below. 

working on the body using a large rectangle

First, you can work on the body of the cartoon zebra using a large rectangle. This new shape can be placed horizontally. Don't forget to leave some extra space around the shape since more body parts will be added later in this lesson. Once you are done with the body, you can proceed with the next step.

How To Draw A Zebra

sketching the head and two simple legs

Inside the body, you can draw another thing rectangle to form the head. This new shape must be located on the left of the illustration. The head is slightly higher than the body. Next, draw two simple legs using short rectangles. The one on the back (on the right of the subject) is perfectly aligned with the side of the body.

How To Draw A Zebra

adding more details inside the cartoon zebra

You can sketch a small horizontal line inside the head to form the area located around the nose. The head is now divided in two separate section. When you are done, you can also draw two more legs below the body. These new shapes are located behind the legs created previously. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a zebra is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Zebra

drawing more body parts using irregular shapes

On top of the head, you can sketch a thin rectangle that will be used to represent the mane of the animal. Next, sketch short triangles on both sides of the head to form the ears. Make sure these new shapes are thin and subtle.

On the right side of the illustration, you can sketch a tail with straight lines and a tiny square. Finally, draw some hooves using irregular rectangles on the bottom of the image.

How To Draw A Zebra

creating more details and patterns

Inside the head, you can draw two eyes using small dots. For the nose, tiny oval shapes can be drawn as shown below. Finally, complete the drawing aspect of this lesson by sketching vertical lines to represent the stripes. 

How To Draw A Zebra

adding colors to complete this lesson on how to draw a zebra

It's now time to add colors and bring this lovely character to life. The area located around the nose can be filled with a bright pink color. The mane, the tip of the tail and the hooves can be black. Stripes found inside the cartoon zebra can also be colored in black. I have used gradients to create more depth inside the image.

How To Draw A Zebra

Great work! I hope you had fun learning how to draw a zebra made from squares and rectangles like the one found above. Don't hesitate to sketch more versions using various shapes, lines and patterns. If you need more inspiration, then you can try more cool zebras below. Have fun drawing and remember to practice on a daily basis. It's the key to success! :)

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