How to Draw A Wolf

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This tutorial on how to draw a wolf might be a little bit more difficult to achieved, but if you are familiar with modern vector applications, then this is still an accessible lesson! I will show you how to create different layers to illustrate this fun animals without the need to create complex shapes, effects or patterns. The result is shown below. Let's start this lesson now!

How to Draw A Wolf

Step 1

First, you can draw the cartoon wolf using several small pointed lines. Remember to draw a long pointed nose, small pointed ears and a large tail. Don't add solid shapes yet! Only the outlines are needed for this first and very important step!

How to Draw A Wolf

Step 2

When you are done sketching lines for this character, you can add solid shapes filled with plain colors behind the outlines. You can create individual shapes for the legs that are darker, the ear that is also darker, the nose, the eye and the pupil. All other parts are included in a single light grey shape. 

How to Draw A Wolf

Step 3

Using the gradient fill tool, you can add a second color to the main shape. The top of this shape must be darker while the bottom is brighter. Use the same technique on the legs that are located behind the cartoon wolf. 

How to Draw A Wolf

Step 4

Wolves are rarely filled with a single color. In this case, you can add patches on the legs, the tail and below the mouth using new elements that are drawn over the previous ones. You can take a look below to see how these shapes are created. 

How to Draw A Wolf

Step 5

To give more depth and volume to this cartoon illustration, let's add additional elements to create stronger shadows. These new shapes are located on the dark ear, around the eye, below the mouth, on the neck, on the stomach, the tail and the dark legs. You can also play with the opacity of these new shapes to end up with a subtle result.

How to Draw A Wolf

Step 6

Finally, complete this lesson by adding a light patch on the ear, the nose and the pupil. Once again, these elements can be slightly transparent to create something more relevant. 

How to Draw A Wolf

This lesson on how to draw a wolf is now completed! :)

Nice job! This cartoon wolf is definitely fun to look at. All details are simple to create and you can enjoy more flexibility by creating this wolf using layers. I hope you had fun sketching this cartoon wolf and please don't hesitate to draw one using your own style. Have fun and unleash your creativity! ;)

How to Draw A Wolf

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