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How to Draw A Whale that looks unique using rectangles

How To Draw A Whale That Looks Unique Using Rectangles

Learning how to draw a whale made from rectangles and squares can be intriguing at first. After all, this huge animal is usually drawn from large circles and oval shapes. Still, learning how to illustrate this character using sharp shapes made from straight lines is an interesting challenge.

This animal is also the perfect subject for an approach like this one. Indeed, whales are very easy to create. Unlike fish or other complex animals from the sea, they are made from one large body and a few fins. No complex patterns are needed to draw a nice whale.

Let's see how we can draw this fun creature quickly and effectively using these basic shapes.

one large square to begin with

First, let's draw the head of the animal using a large square. This shape will also contain a part of the body. Before creating this first element, make sure to leave some room on the right side of your work space so that we can add more body parts in the following steps.

How To Draw A Whale

adding a triangle on the back of the cartoon whale

Once you are finished with the square, you can now add a large triangle on the back to illustrate the second part of the body. This shape will also be used to create a tiny part of the back fin. As you can see below, this triangle is shorter than the square created earlier.

How To Draw A Whale

sketching more tiny fins below the body

Under the body (near the right of the square), you can draw two small triangles to form the fins. Notice how the fin on the back is slightly smaller than the one available in front. This simple technique is more than enough to create a little bit of depth inside the illustration.

How To Draw A Whale

working on the mouth and the back fin

Inside the large square, you can draw a long broken line to illustrate the mouth of the cartoon whale. Since we are creating a fun and adorable cartoon version, don't hesitate to sketch a large smile.

On the back of our subject, you can draw another small triangle on the back fin. Now that this shape is added, the silhouette of the character is completed.

How To Draw A Whale

Finalizing the character using circular shapes

So far, this lesson on how to draw a whale was mostly created from squares and rectangles. Two simple circular shapes will be used to create the eye and the blow hole. Nice work! Now that we are done illustrating this amazing creature, it's time to bring this one to life using subtle colors ...

How To Draw A Whale

adding colors to complete this lesson on how to draw a whale

First, you can erase the line that separates the body and the tail. Then, you can use a bright blue color inside the creature as shown in the image below. I like to use gradients to create more volume easily. Indeed, the bottom part of the creature is now darker than the top. Make sure most fins are slightly darker to create even more depth.

How To Draw A Whale

This lesson is now completed. I hope you had fun learning how to draw a whale made from basic squares and rectangles. Additional tutorials featuring more whales can be found below. Don't forget to practice often and remember that all tips learned in this tutorial can easily be applied to other characters and animals. Enjoy! :)

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