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how to draw a vampire using seven cool lessons

How To Draw A Vampire Using Seven Cool Lessons

Learning how to draw a vampire is definitely a fun activity to do. As you will see in this fun series, this iconic character can be drawn using a wide variety of shapes, lines and colors. Most of these examples are cute, but some of them can be a little bit frightening. These are just images, so no worries!

Vampires are definitely a huge part of popular culture. Around the 90s, movies depicted vampires and werewolves were everywhere. We could also see vampires in books and even a few video games. Let's see how we can draw this amazing creature in just a few basic steps using seven fun examples.

creating a simple version from squares and rectangles

Our first subject is mostly made from rectangles and squares. Only the eyes, the hands and the ears are done using circular shapes. First, draw a large square to form the head. The body and the legs are made from thin rectangles. Both arms are made from straight lines while hands are represented by curved ones.

The feet are also made from a mix of both lines. Next, draw the eyes and pupils using circles. Notice how both eyes are cropped by the side of the head. For the ears, tiny circles are required. Next, add details like the teeth, the collar and the hair. Don't forget to sketch a simple cape! Great work! This character looks awesome.

How To Draw A Vampire Using Seven Cool Lessons

how to draw a vampire from circular shapes

For this second character, let's try to use mostly circles and oval shapes. You can start with the creation of the head. This one is slightly narrower near the top. Both the body and the legs are made from thin rectangles. More curved lines are needed for the feet. Arms are made from rectangles.

Next, draw the ears, the hands and the eyes using perfect circles. You can also draw some hair using more curved lines. A collar made from broken lines is added below the neck. For the cape, curved lines are used. Add details inside the head and we are done. Of course, don't forget to add plain colors to the illustration.

How To Draw A Vampire Using Seven Cool Lessons
How To Draw A Vampire Using Seven Cool Lessons

creating the simplest character possible

I really like the next version of this series on how to draw a vampire. Instead of being drawn using perfect lines and shapes, this character is created from irregular lines. First, a template made from basic shapes is created (the one with gray lines). Then, the silhouette of the cartoon vampire is added over the illustration.

Eyes are made from simple dots and the teeth are only created from two short triangles. For the cape, a few short lines are added in the bottom of the illustration. Once you are done, you can also add colors to the cartoon character. Nice work! This series on how to draw a vampire is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Vampire Using Seven Cool Lessons

another simple version made from perfect lines

Our next subject is also quite interesting. This time, the vampire is built with several short lines that are pointed on both ends. Notice how the head is much larger than the body. The legs and the arms are short and large. Even the ears are almost as large as the arms! 

Make sure that you are sketching a fun expression inside the head. For this tutorial, the character is smiling and the mouth is opened. Two sharp teeth are also visible. The eyes are large and pupils are small. Add plain colors and we are done with this unique vampire.

How To Draw A Vampire Using Seven Cool Lessons

using a different posture

So far, all lessons on how to draw a vampire were featuring characters that were standing and smiling. It's now time to work with a more interesting figure. Indeed, this amazing character is displayed using an original posture. Once again, you can start this lesson by creating a template made from basic shapes.

Next, simply polish the silhouette of the vampire using curved lines. Make sure both arms are up and the head is down. The facial expression is also interesting. The mouth is wide opened and sharp teeth are visible. This character is also filled with simple colors like red and brown.

How To Draw A Vampire Using Seven Cool Lessons

creating a fun character without using strokes

Unlike previous lesson on how to draw a vampire from this series this one is different. Indeed, outlines are used in the first step to create the character. However, these lines are then removed so that we can come up with an interesting image that doesn't has strokes. The character is also filled with gradients and simple shadows are added inside a few areas of the picture.

How To Draw A Vampire Using Seven Cool Lessons

one last fun character filled with great digital effects

Let's go back to a standing cartoon vampire created with thin outlines. However, this fun character is filled with cool effects like gradients, shadows and reflections. First, draw the subject using basic shapes. Then, add plain colors. Once you are finished, you can work with gradients.

In the fifth step, shadows are added mostly on the left part of the character. Then, you can play with the opacity of these new elements to end up with subtle shadows. You can use the same process to form reflections and highlights on the cartoon vampire.

How To Draw A Vampire Using Seven Cool Lessons

Nice work! Drawing cool cartoon vampires can be a fun activity using these fun lessons. Don't forget to practice and remember that you can also sketch your own version using various postures, colors and textures. More fun series can also be found here. Enjoy! :)

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