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How to Draw A Unicorn made from simple elements

How To Draw A Unicorn Made From Simple Elements

Let's learn how to draw a unicorn that looks cute in just a few easy steps using this fun lesson below. This legendary creature has been around for a very long time (at least since antiquity). Usually depicted with the body of a horse or even a goat, they symbolize purity and grace. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a simple version filled with basic effects and bright colors.

drawing a template to begin with

First, let's draw a simple template made from basic shapes to help us locate the character in the working space. It's also a good opportunity to work on the posture and make sure proportions are accurate. You can start by drawing an oval shape to form the head of the animal. The mouth is done with two small squares.

How To Draw A Unicorn

using lines to visualize the posture

Next, we can draw simple curved lines to visualize the posture of the character. One line will be used to represent the neck and the back. Four more lines are needed to form the legs. Notice how the legs on the back are shorter than the ones on front. For the tail, another irregular curved line can be drawn near the end of the subject.

How To Draw A Unicorn

adding shapes to play with proportions

Now that the posture is perfect, let's add more basic shapes to create the remaining body parts. The body can be sketched with a few simple lines. All four legs are made from rectangles. For the hooves, you can use irregular squares. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a unicorn is progressing nicely. It's time to draw the animal using more curved lines!

How To Draw A Unicorn

polishing the silhouette of the unicorn

We have all the shapes needed to illustrate the creature. Using perfect curved lines, you can now work on the silhouette of the unicorn. Notice how the shape of the mouth is a little bit complex. A small pointed ear is also visible on top of the head. Both eyes are drawn using more clean circles.

How To Draw A Unicorn

Adding more features to the character

On top of the head, you can draw a long horn using a triangular shape. Make sure the end is sharp and pointed. Below the horn, sketch a mane that also covers the neck and the back of the unicorn. The tail can also be drawn using long perfect lines.

How To Draw A Unicorn

sketching a few additional details

Inside the eyes, sketch a few simple dots as shown in the illustration below. Another small oval shape is needed to form the nose. You can also draw small lines to complete the jaw as well as both legs located in front of the character. Great! The drawing aspect of this lesson on how to draw a unicorn is now completed. It's time to add colors and create a simple effect to create more depth.

How To Draw A Unicorn

learning how to draw a unicorn filled with bright colors

Only one color is needed inside this cute cartoon unicorn : pink! Simply add this fun color inside the mane, the tail and the hooves. No color is needed inside the rest of the character (except white). We need to do one last thing to complete this lesson ...

How To Draw A Unicorn

adding a simple effect to create more depth and volume

It's time to play with gradients! This technique can help you create more depth quickly and easily. As you can see inside the cute unicorn below, most parts are now darker on the bottom and brighter near the top. The legs on the back are also much darker than the ones found in front. More pink color is also added inside the ear of the creature.

How To Draw A Unicorn
How To Draw A Unicorn Made From Simple Elements

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a unicorn using all the tips found above. Don't hesitate to sketch your own versions using your imagination. You can also try more versions from this site below. Remember to draw on a daily basis. Practicing is the key to becoming better at drawing. :)

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