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How to Draw A Turkey with a fun original appearance

How To Draw A Turkey With A Fun Original Appearance

You can learn how to draw a turkey using curved lines and round shapes. That's an obvious choice. But it's also possible to create a cute version of this animal using only squares, rectangles and dots. In this lesson, I will show you how to do just that.

Assembling a few rectangles to create a simple cartoon character is definitely a simple thing to do. That's why this tutorial can easily be achieved by anyone. A side view can be more challenging, but if you pay attention to the posture and the proportions of the character, then you should easily complete this lesson in no time. Ready? Let's start sketching now!

adding the body using a rectangle

First, let's sketch a simple rectangle to form the body of the cartoon turkey. Make sure to leave some space all around this shape so that we can add more body parts on the characters later in this drawing lesson.

How To Draw A Turkey

sketching the head and the tail

Next, you can draw a small head on the left side of the illustration using another rectangle. For the tail, you can use a long and this rectangle on the right side of the cartoon turkey. Study the location of these new elements carefully. The head should be higher and the tail closer to the bottom of the image.

How To Draw A Turkey

drawing the beak and the wattle

On top of the head (and near the bottom of this one), you can sketch a square to represent the larger part of the beak. Under the head, you can also draw another thin rectangle to form the wattle. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a turkey is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Turkey

adding a few more details

Near the tip of the beak, you can sketch a small triangular shape as shown below. A simple wing made from a long broken line is also added inside the body. Make sure this wing is located on the right (and slightly towards the bottom of the body).

How To Draw A Turkey

working on the eyes, the smile and the legs

Excellent! It's now time to give a nice facial expression to the cartoon character. Inside the head, draw two small dots to represent the eyes. On the beak, sketch a long broken lines to form the mouth. 

On the bottom of the cartoon turkey, you can work on the legs using thin rectangles. The feet are made from short oval shapes. Great! We are done illustrating this character. Only one step is remaining.

How To Draw A Turkey

adding colors to complete this fun step-by-step lesson

It's now time to add colors inside this image to complete our cute turkey. The head, the body and the tail of the character are colored in brown. The beak and the legs can be orange while the wattle is red. The eyes are black.

How To Draw A Turkey

Nice work! I hope you had fun learning how to draw a turkey mostly made from squares and rectangles. You can have access to all steps from this lesson using the picture below.

How To Draw A Turkey

Now that we are done with this character, you can learn how to illustrate more cool turkeys below. Have fun and remember to practice on a daily basis. It's the key to becoming better at drawing!

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