how to draw a troll

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a troll that looks cool and adorable. Of course, we are referring to the character often featured in books and movies, not the one terrorizing the internet! Using mostly basic shapes and lines, you will have the opportunity to end up with a simple version of this creature in just a few minutes. Ready? Let's take a look at our first resource: a short video ...

How to draw a troll

A short video to learn a little bit more

First, you can start by taking a look at the video below to learn how this fun creature was built. If you need more information on how to create the template, draw the lines or add colors, simply proceed below the video using the written version of this lesson.

how to draw a troll in four easy steps

Cool! You can start by drawing a long curved line that will be used to represent the body and the head of the character. Then, add a large rectangle on the bottom of this line to form the pants. Ears are made using short triangles. More lines are needed to illustrate both legs, both arms and the stick the character is holding.

How to draw a troll

It's time to learn how to draw a troll using a bunch of simple lines! The eyes are made from small dots. Similar dots are used to add more details on the chest. The mouth and the chin are created from long curved lines. Both ears are pointed and a spike can be seen on the stick of the creature. Don't forget to draw a single hair on top of the head!

How to draw a troll

Excellent! All blue lines found in the previous step are now black. You can also erase all gray lines since we don't need a template anymore. Now that the character is drawn, let's add some colors inside this illustration.

How to draw a troll

A saturated green color is applied on the skin of the monster. The eyebrow and the pants are brown. A lighter brown color is used inside the stick. The spike and the teeth are gray while both pupils are almost black.

How to draw a troll

nice work drawing a cool monster!

Below you can see all four steps inside a single image. As you can see, this character is quite easy to sketch. It's now time to become more creative and try new versions of this character. Play with posture, add more details or simply create cool textures. Possibilities are endless. You can also try another tutorial featuring a troll from this site! Enjoy! :)

How to draw a troll

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